7 Rules to Speaking Smarter – The Key is number 4!

  1. Speak Deeper: If you’re on an interview, or just talking to those above you in your work place, they don’t want to feel like they are talking to a prepubescent teen. Be taken seriously in the workplace with a more mature sounding tone, instead of an annoying squeaky one.
  2. Precision: Make sure that when you are speaking, you speak with clarity. If you need to speak a little bit slower so that the words don’t come out jumbled, then it might be a good idea. Speak with confidence and be sure to enunciate each word.
  3. Only Use the Important Words: Don’t talk in the workplace the way you speak to your friends. Cut out “uh”, “um”, and “like”; if you really want to be taken seriously, then be serious about what words you choose. Additionally, brush up on your vocabulary – you don’t want to speak too casually.
  4. Speak With Confidence: Don’t say everything with a rising tone, because it will sound like you are asking questions, thus giving the impression that you are uncertain about what you’re saying. Speak with confidence, even if you, yourself, aren’t.
  5. Turn Up the Volume: Don’t yell at the person, but don’t speak to them too quietly either. Speaking too quietly can also give the impression that you aren’t confident and out of place.
  6. Don’t Seem Superior: While you want to take command and speak with confidence, you also don’t want to give the impression that you’re a snob. Speak as though you’re an equal, not a superior. Making others feel inferior will probably make them dislike you, and therefore, lose respect for you – something that will not help you excel.
  7. Know What You’re Talking About: If this takes extra time to research and practice speaking about with others, then so be it. Avoid those filler words and long pauses. Practice having a normal conversation, without making it too casual. Knowing what you want to say ahead of time also helps you avoid stuttering, and learn to speak in a consistent flow.


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