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Coach’s new Spring menswear collection debuted in London yesterday evening. A decidedly casual collection, designer Stuart Vevers drew his inspiration from old movies and TV shows, citing “Rebel Without a Cause,” “My Own Private Idaho,” and an episode of “The Twilight Zone” among other inspirations. These, along with collaborative decorations from artist Gary Baseman, give the line a rebellious, edgy feel.

These one of a kind pieces from Baseman are spray painted by hand across multiple pieces. Leather jackets and studded loafers are staples in the line, along with the punk-inspired T-shirts that every look is paired with. The designs feature cartoon skulls, emoji smiley faces with fangs and other playful images that make the line appeal to young buyers. Overall, the line has a decidedly American look, meeting Vevers’ goal of making the look accessible. The clothing he has created is not a line of modern art masquerading as high fashion but instead is a wearable collection. Pieces do not have to be worn together to create a look, instead, the outfits were designed to be pulled apart for individual sale. After all, Vevers is a practical designer, one who focuses on finances as much as fashion when creating a line.

This new collection, then, is good for high sales, as Coach joined in its version of instant access selling, releasing a series of pieces from the collection immediately after the show. Sold in limited quantities, these pieces will not be available again once they are sold out. Many of them feature pieces hand decorated by Baseman, ensuring that each customer gets a one of a kind product. This kind of personalization helps add to the feeling of teenage rebellion present throughout the line, an artistic graffiti-like twist on classic style. Overall, the collection is a fresh, fun take on iconic American designs.

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