Sunglasses, one of the few accessories we could enjoy fully even during lockdown. If you do not count the steam from wearing them at the same time as your mask. 

Sunglasses are known for being able to make a simple outfit look a little more expensive or planned. They can protect you from the sun while driving, and then there is that pair that you wear every day. Without it you feel incomplete. You can even use them to hide your tears, especially in public when you are having a breakdown, an unexpected one.

Over the years sunglasses have become more versatile, with certain classics being reinvented or staying the same and completely new styles coming in each season.

This Spring the world is starting to open back up again and the options are plenty. Whatever your style may be- with all the shapes, colors and sizes available, anyone can find a perfect match. Everyone has a perfect pair of sunglasses out there that will fit perfectly with your face. Which is a struggle, because it can be hard to distinguish whether you are on trend when you wear a big frame or if you look like a fly.

Here are some of this season’s statement sunglasses to help guide you if you struggle to find the one that’s best for you.

Round Favorites

If you are looking for a round pair that is just medium-sized then this style is perfect for you. Inspired by a bug’s eyes, this style is fun yet simple.

Sunglasses for spring
Photo: Courtesy Christian Roth

Rectangle Shape 

Already seen everywhere because of the return of the 2000s, the rectangular shape has been popular for seasons in a row in the past 2 years. Except they come with a thicker frame, that will make you look trendy. Particularly this style, in 2020 and 2021.

Photo: Matt and Nat

Modern Day Aviators

An example of a classic that has been reinvented to fit the times. The frames were inspired by pilots and became legendary. Replacing the thin metal frames, they come with a thicker acetate frame.

Sunglasses for spring
Photo: Warby Parker

Reinvented Classics

Ray Ban has given us multiple classics for men and women. With hassle-free pairs like the Clubmaster. Knowing that people prefer timeless shapes that will be relevant for years has kept these classics around. Or the cat eye frame, which is known to suit almost anybody.

Sunglasses for spring
Photo: Versace

Square Up

Demanding attention for being so simple yet stunning. The square frame elevates any look. But can still be worn as an everyday pair or example in black. But they are available in a variety of colors, at times they can be two toned and come with tinted lenses.

Photo: Dior

Jeweled Sunglasses

For those who love extra details or simply love jewelry. Adding pears, diamantes or simply a chain to a pair makes them a statement piece. A little tacky but many people have enjoyed this trend.

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