In many parts of the world, summer is well on its way, if not already there. As such, Men’s Fashion Week, as well as numerous Resort collections, are well underway. As the fashion world communes in Milan, one show, in particular, is especially interesting. British designer Stella McCartney presented both her Men’s and Resort collections at a garden party.

The show took place in a walled garden, not far from the Santa Maria Delle Grazie Cathedral; the location where Da Vinci’s “Last Supper” resides. Guests were armed with citronella-scented mosquito patches, each being treated to Prosecco. McCartney commented on the event, stating “We’re aware that fashion can be relentless, we just wanted everyone to have a good time.”

McCartney’s menswear line reflects the venue; polished and put-together, but certainly very natural. Many of the looks were tailored at first glance, often consisting of tailored suits, trousers, plaid, and sweaters. However, they were also defined small details that disrupted the overall formal look, such as sneakers or untucked side of a button down. Overall, the vibe was elegant yet undone.

McCartney described the overall theme stating “My menswear is rooted in British tailoring. There’s always this juxtaposition of the masculine with the feminine and of the sport, the street, the city.”

The designer further described how this particular collection reflected her usual style: “It’s really important to me that menswear is really wearable…The man who chooses my designs has a level of confidence and effortlessness, but he’s undone and has a lightness to him and a sense of humor. He’s very comfortable in his own skin.”

As for the resort collection, McCartney’s designs veered on the side of playful, with big sleeves and striking, at times even geometric pieces. Yet, even so, the clothes remain wearable and realistic. The collection ranged from delicate white eyelet dresses to a bold suit in orange-pink celestial print. Many outfits were paired with bulky, white platform sneakers, giving things a slight 90s feel. This collection seemed to be centered on contrast in much of the same way as its menswear counterpart, playing on both traditionally masculine and feminine elements.

McCartney said, “Resort is a celebration of all things Stella McCartney and of the constant journey to make the industry more mindful and responsible and more sustainable.” One could only expect as much from the animal-conscious designer.

According to Vogue, the brand was able to make shoes with a non-PVC material; which was used in both collections. Since they are also stitched as an alternative to animal glue, they are also biodegradable.

It is clear then, that this show is more than just nature-friendly in theme.

Featured Image via Flickr/adifansnet

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