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Another Hollywood sexual harassment claim has come forward, as famous martial arts and action movie star, Steven Seagal, is being accused for sexual harassment and sexual trafficking.

The New York Daily News has reported that Kayden Nguyen, a former super model, is suing Seageal for 1 million dollars because she claims that she was hired to be an assistant to Mr. Seagal, but her boss was really treating her as a “sex toy”. She was not the only one who has felt this kind of pressure from the actor, as two other women are declaring that they quit because Seagal made constant sexual advances towards them.

His former wife, Kelly LeBrock, who accuses Segeal of raping and abusing her multiple times during their marriage, claims that she is very upset about the accusations surrounding Steven.

Steven’s attorney, Marty Singer, has said that Steven has no recollection of these women, and that Steven believes that these accusations are just a mere attempt to gain media coverage.

While many people may be shocked, this is not the first time he has been accused of such actions. Back in the nineties actresses on the sets of filming his movies accused him of very similar allegations, so it could be that this leopard did not change his spots after twenty years.

Written by Joseph Schlegel


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