7 Pointers on How To Stop Being So Needy! Number 5 is a MUST!


This is for all of the Stage 5 clingers out there. If you’ve been told that you’re too needy, and want to make sure that you don’t scare any other prospective significant others away, here’s how to do it. 

  1. Slow Down – Don’t try to push things and make them happen at a quicker pace than they are meant to. Get to know the person, and enjoy your time with them, even if it doesn’t last.
  2. Be Realistic – See the truth, not what you want to see. When a relationship first begins, people tend to get excited and see things the way they think they should be, instead of what they are. Don’t fall in love with your perception of this person. Make sure they’re who they are, not who you want.
  3. Don’t Constantly Call or Text Them – This instantly turns people off, especially in the beginning stages of a relationship. They do not want someone who isn’t going to give them space to breathe.
  4. Stay Busy with Other Things – If you don’t stay occupied, you will probably incessantly call and text, and have them in mind. Let the relationship grow to be balanced. Why would you want to do all of the work?
  5. Practice Self-Control – If you feel the need to keep texting them, don’t. Ask your question, and be done with it. They will only continue to avoid you if you give them the idea that you’re trying to control them. Control your actions instead of theirs.
  6. Self-Esteem – (AKA the BIG one) You don’t need anyone to survive. Telling yourself that you need another person to complete you is telling yourself that you’re inadequate. Knowing that you deserve the best, will help you stop searching for just anyone. Stop trying to fill the gaps inside with other people. You may be trying to find love, but you need to believe that you’re deserving of it first!
  7. Trust – When you finally find someone, allow the relationship to happen naturally, and allow them to earn your trust. If you’re constantly clinging to them, they’ll never have the opportunity to earn your trust. Stop over analyzing situations, and let the relationship unfold, naturally.


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