Do you have the tendency to procrastinate on getting anything done? Well, here some tips to help you overcome procrastination.

1. Recognize and admit that you have something you should be doing. If you continue to pretend it’s not there it isn’t going to go away any faster, so just do it.

2.Why are you procrastinating? Figure out why you’re putting this off, could it be because of anxiety, you don’t feel prepared or is something else on your mind? Once you figure out why you’re procrastinating you can address it and overcome the obstacle.

3. Give yourself an incentive for doing the work, it’s always nice when you get something out of the effort you put into doing something. A reward is a great way to motivate yourself to do the task.

4. If you know someone who is procrastinating just as much as you are encourage each other to get what you need to do done. You’re more likely to get something done if you’re being constantly reminded of it.

5. Recognize the consequences of not getting it done, how is it going to impact you? Will you feel regret, get in trouble with your boss, or let somebody down? This puts the task you need to do into a perspective you can’t help but face.

6. Approach the task by doing a little bit at a time or break it down into smaller parts. If the task is overwhelming do it over the course of a couple of days or gradually throughout the day.

If you’re a big procrastinator try doing a few of these tips and see if your bad habits begin to break.

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