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Polo shirts are stylish additions to any man’s versatile wardrobe and go above and beyond as sporty attire for a fashionable sport like golf. Polo shirts make fashion statements because of their simple collars and can be worn casually or formally. And, contrary to popular belief, the Polo shirt originated in tennis rather than golf, the “sport of kings.” Tennis was played with an aristocratic flair, tennis whites, flannel trousers, a dress shirt with rolled-up sleeves, and a tie. 

The garments were heavy, thick, hot, and cumbersome and didn’t help players perform well until seven-time grand slam winner Rene Lacoste designed his tennis shirt. The shirt was made of soft, unstarched cotton with a soft, unstarched collar, stiff enough to flip up to protect his neck from the sun. The lightweight, flexible shirt with a long tail in the back keeps it tucked into Rene’s trousers.

Lacoste debuted the shirt at the US Open in 1926, which he wore in comfort and style, earning him the nickname “the crocodile,” which is now a famous reptilian logo at the breast of the shirt. Although other sportspeople and athletes had developed their Polo shirts, Lacoste’s short sleeve garment proved even more suitable for the game.

A well-fitting open-collared polo shirt usually attracts attention because it sits comfortably on the body and is designed with the wearer in mind.

The shirts promote functionality and style, and here are a few ways to wear them to look fashionable.

Get the fit right and match correctly

Knowing your size is essential for finding the perfect fit with tapered sleeves that flatter your body. The sleeves should end about halfway between your shoulders and elbow to allow the movement of your upper body. For a stylish look, the Polo shirt should end around your hip area below your waist.

A Polo shirt paired with slim chino or well-tailored knee-length shorts is an excellent combination. Getting the proper kicks means getting the right shoes. Purchase a pair of comfortable and stylish footwear, such as cool sneakers or a pair of loafers.

Button up and tuck in

To look stylish, button-up and tuck in your shirt. A Polo shirt makes you look smarter and draws attention to yourself. Wear a good leather belt with a pair of shorts, trousers, and cool sneakers or moccasins to complete the look.

Button up halfway to your neck, which makes your appearance sloppy, or you can dress smartly, making people take you seriously.

Purposely Forget the Undershirt 

A Polo shirt is designed to be worn as a base or single layer close to the body; wearing an undershirt will add extra bulkiness. Second, you don’t want your undershirt showing through the neckline or collar. If you must wear an undershirt, choose one that will not be visible to your neckline.

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