Look at the pages and blogs of fashion magazines or popular fashion social media and you quickly realize that the inspiration and the ultimate flawless look is the combination of subtle choices and unexpected combinations.

It is not just the accumulation of clothes and accessories, but the subtle choices for our body type, our lifestyle and attention to detail. These are not necessarily expensive pieces, but the right combinations that make the result harmonious, and of course our attention to the overall look, which also depends on our well-groomed hair and makeup.

Some tips that will give your wardrobe a subtle style and fashionable air with elegance for any occasion:  

Do not be afraid of bold and bright colors
Bold Colours create a subtle yet Stylish Look….

The lesson here is to remember that when you wear bright colors, an air of confidence is required. If you are not sure, do not dare to do it first or else stand with your head held high and let your clothes and accessories “talk” about your personality.

To adopt a strong shade, try combining it with neutral colors or keep a color from the basic colors, if your clothes have patterns.

If you still do not feel that you can wear a bold color, keep it only for your bag or shoes.

Creative combinations

Creative Combination for Stylish Wardrobe…..

Our everyday subtle clothes can get another air by adding some special accessories, a piece of fur or a good coat.

By this term, we mean to use your classic pieces as a base, combining them with something more ή risky or an element of fashion of each season.

Especially for your evening appearances, this rule upgrades the subtle style to another level. For example, choose a long black or printed skirt with a special line and combine it with a perfect white shirt.

Wear a simple black blouse with a brocade suit. Either try an impressive coat with a simple black dress or combine an extravagant jacket with your jeans. Simple, unexpected and elegant.

Upgrade your everyday clothes

Do not let your everyday pieces get lost… Give them a new breath, adapting elements that make them look modern, subtle, elegant and more formal.

A casual t-shirt, e.g. a sailor looks completely different with a well-fitting jacket and a pair of embellished high heels.

Upgrade your jeans or plain black pants with a well-fitting colored coat, e.g. red, emerald or pastel in any shade that suits you.

Wear your humble skirt by adding an exceptional or colored belt.

Combine your simple dress with impressive shoes and a leather jacket.

The simplicity of your everyday pieces will serve as a stark contrast to well-fitted, striking and perhaps more expensive items. And one more thing: Avoid clothes that are too tight and too wide for your body. They do not flatter!

The choice in accessories
Sunglasses, hats, scarves and shawls, gloves, belts are consistently important elements for the “building” of the last look.

The central idea is to emphasize the clothes with the accessories, to add something to the overall elegance of our appearance.

The key is to choose something as your focus. And if we want to wear multiple accessories, then it is better to be more minimal and discreet, so that each piece does not collide with the other.

Apocalyptic clothes… with strategy!

Apocalyptic appearances may seem bold or even sexy, but to be in the end you need strategy. Otherwise they become tasteless, cheap and sometimes provocative, but in the wrong way.

Apocalyptic Clothes Are Bold Yet Classy

We do not wear a miniskirt or shorts with an equally “naked” top, which leaves shoulders, back or belly exposed.

We do not choose a long dress with an abysmal neckline along with a huge slit in the legs or a short dress that leaves the whole back uncovered…

For example, a short or a miniskirt with a classic top or shirt.
If you wear high boots with a miniskirt, keep the rest of the look “dressed”.

Choose a dress that leaves the back or shoulders bare but the rest of the line will be “quiet”.

Elegance and femininity go hand in hand with simplicity and self-control!

Think again about your denim pieces

Wearing a denim shirt with your denim skirt or pants is in fashion! What will make you look more attractive is to combine them e.g. with a long sleeveless vest.

Denims Are Forever!!

Leaving an extra button on your denim shirt open gives a sexier suspicion!

Wear a denim shirt with a floral skirt or your denim jacket with a floral, plaid or striped dress.

There are so many textures and shades of jeans that you can easily look creative with their combinations.

Combinations of colors and patterns

You may not be so familiar with matching colors, or how to combine original prints into one look.

Here, choose the safe way: wear a neutral color with a more vibrant one or keep the whole look monochrome.

Make sure one color complements the other or use classic contrasts: black-red, white-blue, brown-beige or gold, etc.

If you want to wear original prints together and you are not an expert in the genre, remember that a basic rule is to combine a large with a small pattern. E.g. a top with large florals with a skirt with thin stripes.

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