Summertime trends tend to be playful and the jewelry realm is no exception. The summer is the ideal time of year to be bold and free, to experiment with daunting styles. The array of prevailing jewelry trends for the summer is truly divine.

Jeweled, Chain Bracelets:

CHAINED BRACELET $29 Available at

 These bracelets are sophisticated yet mellow enough to sport throughout nearly any summer venture. Pastel colored threads are especially stunning in these bracelets as they make the gems really pop.

Earring Cuffs: 

Diamond Spike Earrings $12 Available at
Diamond Spike Earrings
$12 Available at

Earring cuffs are versatile. They come in a variety of designs and sizes. Among the boldest versions of these articles are cuffs with spikes, mermaids, feathers, snakes, and even dragons. Tamer, minimalist options are available as well. These little pieces are delightfully bohemian looking. They can be used as a statement in themselves or serve as an artful detail to an ensemble.


RESIN CHOKER $ 1,195 Available at
$ 1,195 Available at

Chokers have finally made their comeback from the 90’s. But the modern chokers are much more glamorous and bold. Some of these chokers are feminine and pretty, while others have more of an edge, even exhibiting a somewhat dominatrix vibe. The key with this item, is to find a choker with some sort of add-on. Whether it be gems or funky geometric shapes.

Coral Earrings: 

SECRET GARDEN STUDS $58 Available at
$58 Available at

Coral is a beautiful color and there’s no time of year more fitting to fully embrace this hue than the summertime. Chunky coral earrings are wonderful items for nighttime events, they are beachy yet classy. Pair these earrings with green eyeshadow for a dramatic, stunning contrast.

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