Oversize Me – Fashion style!

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The New York Times recently introduced an article covering a very new trend in the fashion world; the oversized everything. From Rihanna’s massive backpack to a coat by Comme des Garçons that could conceal a small child, supersized fashion is described as a reaction to all the mini, cropped, and cut pieces that dominated the industry.

The pieces that appeared in the fall fashion shows were challenging and revolutionary in terms of proportions. Jason Wu took and blew up the winter coat to create a delicate androgynous balance in contrast to his more feminine pieces. Melitta Baumeister, a fairly new upcoming designer, created a coat (worn by Rihanna) that has been deemed one of the most successful pieces of the season.

So how do we wear these colossal articles of clothing? We redefine what is sexy and beautiful on women. No longer are body contouring dresses with tight trench coats the only way to be fashionable. No longer do we abide by the traditional cinched waist and tight sleeve rule that shapes the female body. Wearing something that overwhelms the person in their clothing, a piece that makes the woman a bit more masculine, is rebounding against gender roles and propagating a new wave on the runway.

I love to write and have been writing since my high school days. I also love fashion, but rather than tearing through magazines, I prefer to pull inspiration off of those on the same street corners as me. My journey as a writer and artist evolves every dayMy journey as a writer evolves everyday as I write. Your support and comments are highly welcomed in this endeavor that I have embarked upon.

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