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An essential, favorite and integral part of the women’s wardrobe is the swimsuit. Over the years, the designs and cuts have changed, they have evolved. But nevertheless, each fashion returns trends and influences from the past with a more retro mood.

Fashions change in clothes, but also in swimwear. But there are some more classic and neutral, timeless choices in both cuts and designs as well as patterns.

On the other hand, the swimsuit encyclopedia can give choices to the most daring ones, presenting the most modern and recent trends with more eccentric lines, more intense or large prints, as well as vivid colors or seemingly unmatched combinations.

Whether you are more classic in your choices or you are looking for something more sophisticated, or possibly more sporty, any style you are looking for can be found. So let’s start browsing the swimsuit encyclopedia with the most popular options to suit every taste.

Swimwear Encyclopedia – 6 Popular Options

1. Full body for every taste

Opening the swimsuit encyclopedia, we start with one of the most classic, traditional and timeless choices in the swimwear category. The bodysuits have secured their place regardless of trends in the fashion of each season.

Full Body Swimsuits

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They have certainly changed and there are different proposals each time but they do not leave the foreground.However, over the years, swimsuits have many alternatives for all ages and tastes.

Both for the most conservative and for the most eccentric. There are many options for a one-piece swimsuit in both line and style as well as in colors and patterns. You can choose one that covers a lot of the body or another that is characterized by different types of cuts (e.g.. on the sides) and straps, for example, that are very revealing and sexy. There are also various bodysuits in a more sporty and athletic style that are also suitable for swimmers.

2. Bikini in many variations

We continue the encyclopedia of swimwear with our very favorite and popular for fashion, bikini. Here, we have a huge category for swimwear with a bunch of options, variations and alternatives for every taste, style, age and silhouette. There is a great variety of tops and briefs both in designs, cuts and colors.

Bikini Variations

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As for the top of our bikini, you can choose a more classic and “safe” one, with thin or thicker straps, which reminds you in style of your bra. On the other hand, a timeless choice that many women prefer is the triangle top with a thin strap like a string or thicker like a ribbon. It is considered a very popular choice and flattering for most women. It has never gone out of fashion and you find it every season in different variations.

The bottom of a bikini can be distinguished by its cut as well as whether it is low-waisted or high-waisted. It can be full on the side or has a drawstring, bow, a ribbon, etc. You have various options at the bottom of the swimsuit yours. From a classic whole type of briefs, to an overly parted, Brazilian or even one that is more reminiscent of men’s boxer shorts.

3. Bikini mix & match

Mix and Match

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Another category that belongs to bikinis but is a special proposal for it and has won its own place in the swimsuit encyclopedia, are bikini mix & match. Those that are not worn as a set, is not what you would call matching but you choose separately and for some a little mismatched pieces (another up and another down). And connect them together in a more original and creative way. This style has gained a lot of fans and is an opportunity to play with colors, combinations, patterns and fabrics.

4. The trikini that stand out


Trikini that stand out….

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A very special and special proposal that can not be missing from the swimsuit encyclopedia, is the trikini. This is a very modern trend that is a variation of bodysuit and bikini. If you look at it from the front, it looks like a whole piece. But  it consists of many cuts and on the back it looks like two pieces, that is, it looks more like a bikini. It is a very original and imaginative idea and you will find it available in many designs, cuts and colors.

5. The intermediate solution, the monokini

Sensuous Monokinis….

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Monokini is another interesting proposal from the swimsuit encyclopedia and they come to give you a solution if you do not know what you prefer, one-piece or bikini.

They are essentially a middle solution or an intermediate choice. Since they find a way to combine and complicate the top with the bottom of your swimsuit by joining them with straps, rings, lines, lattice patterns, knitted style, etc. The monokini style usually has many cuts and creates a very sexy look.

6. Sporty but elegant


Chic And Sporty

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Another category in the swimwear encyclopedia is sports swimwear, for more athletic women, but in a more elegant and stylish version. They combine comfort, functionality and serve their purpose but have a more chic image.

Many times you will see in this type of swimsuit various details such as zippers, various slogans or slogans, but usually the additional decorations are missing. It is simpler and more practical with a nice aesthetic. There is no restriction on colors.

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