SZA’s Self-Reinvention and Journey to Upcoming Album “CTRL”

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SZA will be releasing a new album, the first since 2014, called CTRL, according to Vogue. The album draws inspiration from a discovery journey to self-care, a fashion evolution and even Drew Barrymore. This news comes after a hiatus from music that SZA recently indicated, via Twitter and Instagram, will be coming to an end.

The time off was so that she could invest in herself, the singer told Vogue. All that influences her music, and she said because she has to grow to make her music a self-reflection.

In SZA’s case, growing involved taking time for self-care. She described how she realized taking care of herself would make her feel better and look better. Part of her new routine is rigorous moisturizing, taking good care of her skin and teeth, and taking vitamins to boost mental health as well.

SZA said she used to look at others and think how beautiful they were, and she realized that if she cared for her body, it would reflect the respect.

She also said that since she’s gotten into self-care, she’s finished with self-curating; that is, she no longer wants to cultivate a public image that’s separate from who she really is. To bring authenticity and freedom into her life, she’s allowed herself to express her own style through fashion, even in album artwork, trying to keep herself as a music artist the same as her private self.

There are a few speedbumps to the all-out approach. SZA said that Instagram stresses her because she’s not sure how to reframe her life into something digital. However, at other times she still wants to share a moment.

In her downtime from the public, the singer kept a toe in on the music industry, writing music for Rihanna and the Nicki Minaj/Beyoncé collaboration “Feelin’ Myself.” But she appeared finished with independent work; Vogue reported that she tweeted saying she was retiring from the scene. That tweet, however, has been deleted.

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