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Artwork by: Aparna Nethaji

Experience the Post-Modern Renaissance at the Met!

It’s through the media that society understands and learns to accept an ever-changing world in fashion, art, lifestyle and culture. Museums have a great way of interpreting art in forms of lifestyle movements. We can all relate to our school trips to the museum to learn about our history, to gather a visual representation of our past. Usually, we all…

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The Cozy Movement

Raise your hand if you wish it was acceptable to wear pajamas in public? Don’t deny that you wish this. I know everyone has those days where you just roll out of bed and wish you didn’t have to change out of those cozy pjs. The soft comfortable pants, the soft materials, the fuzzy cozy slippers; why do you have…

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NYC Street Art Movement

On almost every block of New York City, you can find some type of street art. These temporary works of art paint the urban landscape we walk and drive past every single day, and can be the expression of the artist’s views or just something pleasing to look at. What we see as modern street art can be traced back…

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