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What is a Reseller?

In 2020, resellers seemed to be a discussion on Twitter every time there was a launch, especially for sneakers. So, what is a reseller exactly? All we know is there is a negative connotation around the word reseller. Both from the consumers and brands. A reseller is defined as a company or individual that purchases goods or services intending to sell them.…

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10 Best Double Sink Bathroom Rugs For A Trendy Place in 2021

What can be the real style statement while selecting double sink bathroom rugs? The term imagines the perfect size that’s adequate for ampler space on the bathroom floor. Elegant decor evolution in bathroom designing is now an essential part of home interior projects and luxury lifestyle. Complementing styles with practicality in bath rugs are not only there to make the…

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End of the Summer! You Know What That Means? Labor Day Sales!

When it comes to shopping, everyone looks forward to a handful of sales throughout the years. After all, as seasons change, most people will seek to update their wardrobe in some manner. It’s simply smart business for retailers to conveniently plan their major sales just as we experience these shifts. So it makes sense that as Fall quickly approaches, we…

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