dry skin in winters

Makeup tips for dry skin in winters

Dry skin in winters makes it quite challenging to apply makeup. Makeup makes you look flawless, but skin in winters tends to become drier, mainly due to harsh weather conditions. Moreover, dry patches appear on the surface that worsen the situation. It is essential to make sure that your skin does not dry out and stay hydrated even if the makeup…

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Best high-end foundation for dry skin

Popular Fashion and Beauty Finds on Amazon

It’s no secret that Amazon is a go-to for many people’s fashion and beauty needs. The online super-retailer recently made headlines in the fashion world by releasing prime wardrobe along with features such as echo look. The website has even been named as the most popular clothing retailer amongst Americans. Most people have probably browsed Amazon at some point or another while…

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How to Increase Your Productivity

In order to be productive, one also has to stay motivated and determined. Here are some tips that can help to optimize productivity throughout the day. Organization: Staying organized is key to maximizing your productivity. Maybe this means planning your meals out on Sunday, or maybe this means creating a budget for the week. Remember that getting a task done…

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10 Easy Overnight Hairstyles

Getting up in the morning can certainly be a difficult process for many individuals. In order to look fantastic, many people put a great deal of time into picking out an outfit, a hairstyle, and a makeup look– all before even having some morning coffee. Styling your hair overnight, however, can help you catch a few more winks of sleep. With that…

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The Five Best English Cities for Lovers of Literature

If you’re looking into vacation destinations and you also happen to love literature, you should consider visiting the rolling hills and green pastures of England. This beautiful country boasts many fine locations for any book lover to visit. Here are some of my personal favorites: Stratford-Upon-Avon The streets of this charming town are lined with old Tudor houses, including the…

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Nina Ricci Has Two New Creative Directors

Parisian fashion brand Nina Ricci recently made headlines when it announced that it will soon be shifting leadership to not just one, but two creative directors. Rushemy Botter and Lisi Herreburgh are a duo who previously headed the Dutch menswear label Botter. However, they will now be directing Nina Ricci. Botter hails from Curaçao, where Herreburgh grew up. Herreburgh was raised…

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