Take a Look Behind the Camera Before You Judge Models

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I am sure that you are all aware that the fashion industry is a dog eat dog world. When it comes to this business, people can be fiercely competitive and always after their rivalry. When it comes to designs, modeling, or anything in between, one day you might be loved and the next you might be old news. Everyone in this industry always wants to be on top and sometimes the competitiveness claws can come out.

For models in this industry, sometimes they can be labeled as the ‘skinny mean girls’ who only care about themselves. Well instead of labeling them as the bad person, maybe we should see things through their eyes instead. Being a model can be a challenging business to get into because some people may think you’re the it girl that has the perfect look and others may hate the way you look. To be a model you must really have thick skin because everyday someone is going to be critiquing you.

I have heard numerous stories about how hard it is starting out in modeling and how mean different labels can be when it comes to hiring models by the way that they look. More recently, models have been coming out about how badly they are being treated within the industry by different casting directors and labels. There have been recent stories of racism and labels refusing to let models audition for shows because of the color of their skin. This is something that many thought was resolved ages ago but seems to be coming back up to the surface again.

Different agencies that have been accused by models continuously deny all allegations of it, but the models continue to make public comments and verify all these accusations. Besides just racism, the idea of having to see your bones to be a model has started to resurface as well. This again is something that was thought to be in the past because of all of the new body positive campaigns that have been arising in recent years. But again, models are complaining that many agencies and directors are not hiring them because they are not the ideal skinny they are looking for.

It seems as if so many people in the fashion industry can not get passed the idea that skinny is not the only idea beauty and you do not need to be a size zero to be stunning. This concept of thinness gets into young people’s minds and makes them think they have to change the way they look if they want to have any success in the world.

Besides just the mental abuse that models are facing because of the way they look, there is also reports of physical abuse to models throughout the fashion industry. Many people may look at models and think they have it easy and are treated so well because all they have to do is wake up, get hair and makeup done, put on expensive clothing and pose in front of the camera. The reality of it all is that most models get treated with no respect because they are the bottom of the barrel and are suppose to just take orders of what all the other people say.

I know there are so many girls who would kill to have a job as a model, while there are others that despise them because they think they do no work. Really, modeling is a hard job that requires a lot of patient along with mental and emotional strength. So before you go out and judge models or think that they have it easy, think about the troubles they face day to day. Many people see models from the outside spectrum when they are all dazzled up for pictures and think they have the best life. In reality, the stuff that goes on behind the camera is not always so public. Really most models are just vulnerable young women trying to make it in the fashion world.

Lover of all things fashion from day one. While everyone else was reading long novels you could catch me browsing through the style portion of any magazine. I'm a reality show junkie in all forms and will endlessly watch The Food Network while shamelessly throwing in some reruns of Keeping up with the Kardashians.

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