If you have ever watched The View, you know that on any given day you will be watching 5 women sitting at a table arguing. Depending on what the topic of the day is of course. Today’s episode of The View happened to be one of those. Since Joy Behar and Elizabeth Hasselbeck left The View, the 5th seat for co-host has been filled with someone new everyday/week. Today’s guest co-host was Rachel Campos-Duffy.

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Our top editors give you the stories, recommendations and honest reviews you need and want - delivered right to your inbox.

Today’s Hot Topics definitely did what they are meant to do, create fiery conversation. The first discussion was about Condoleezza Rice. Rutgers University students and faculty have protested the choosing of Condoleezza Rice as their commencement speaker. The uproar is due to Rice’s contribution in the 2003 invasion of Iraq during her time in the Bush Administration. Rachel and Barbara Walters started off the show disagreeing immediately about if they feel that Condie is being singled out because she is black. You can certainly say the show began on a “hot” note.  They then moved on to talk about Liz Wahl an anchor woman for Russia Today who recently resigned on air. After 2 years of working there she has decided to no longer work at an organization associated with Russia and Putin’s regime. Barbara had a lot to say about this due to her historical background in news. In Barbara’s opinion, she is not a hero, she is a reporter, and should report the news. Another hot topic that the ladies addressed was that of a young lady who attends Duke University. It has recently come out that this young lady does pornography to pay her tuition and enjoys it. This topic leads to a heated argument between the ladies about the definition of empowerment, and how empowerment can ever be a word associated with using your body to get paid. This discussion went on longer than it should have, as I’m sure you could imagine.

This episode had two guests, Tom Selleck and Omar Epps. With Tom Selleck the ladies discussed how he was the first guest on The View in 1997 and that it was his 15th time on The View. He also talked about his show “Blue Bloods” which is in its 4th season on CBS. Omar Epps was on the show to talk about his new drama on ABC called “Resurrection”. The show is about people who died years ago coming back to life and returning to their families. Omar’s interview was quite short because the ladies had to make time for musical guest Thomas Rhett who performed a single from his new album.

The View is definitely an acquired taste to say the least, but their lasting power is evident. It is an opportunity to stay up on the news in an enjoyable and entertaining way, which must be why women are tuning in everyday!


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