Tara Latour / Esther Tara Latour

So let us say you’re a real fourth wave feminist and don’t plan on getting married. Respect, but that doesn’t mean you can’t buy a Tara Latour wedding gown, Liz Lemon-style.

 The Esther

 Tara Latour has made a name for herself designing wedding gowns that speak to a modern romanticism, à la Jane Austen in the 21st century. Picture delicate crinkled floor-length skirts made of satin and lace. An asymmetry to the train that is almost more peasant-like, with a flashy structured bodice. Latour loves the mermaid shape with plenty of flounce and ruffle, but she resists being too girly. The gowns are sophisticated and rustic. Latour often strays from the traditional white, preferring blues, heather grays, lavenders, rose pinks, even darker shades like charcoal and black.

Tara Latour / Esther
Tara Latour / The Esther

 The Sadie

 Her latest 2014 collection, Juxtapose, is shot in the style of vintage photography, focusing on particular details in each gown instead of showing the whole. Every collection, however, has a fantastical natural element to it, not unlike A Midsummer Night’s Dream meets Christian Dior. This thread running through every piece keeps Tara Latour a unique designer to remember for whatever occasion you might need a special gown.

Tara Latour -Sardie-StyleFT
Tara Latour / The Sadie
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