Target’s New In-Home Makeup Studio

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Target’s just made online makeup shopping a million times better.

Drugstore makeup is always tricky to buy; although the products are significantly cheaper than those of luxury brands at Sephora or department stores, samples are almost impossible to come by. Inexpensive brands just don’t offer as many, if any, testers for buyers to try the product before purchasing. And forget shopping online; it’s almost impossible to tell whether the product will work for your skin tone or hair color without actually trying it out first.

Target’s new augmented reality Makeup Studio gives beauty lovers the solution to buying budget-friendly products without having to worry about whether it’ll look good or not on your face. Shoppers can now use the virtual makeup try-on platform on (desktop and mobile) to test nearly any product in their cosmetics department before purchasing.

Image via Target

Think of it as one of those virtual makeover apps that let you beautify your face on your phone by submitting a photo. The program is a collaboration with Perfect Corp,’s YouCam Makeup, and delivers accurate results through real-time facial mapping. It’s a foolproof way to see almost exactly how a certain lip color or brow pencil will look on your face, without having to make the trip to the store. After all, there’s nothing worse than having the salesperson’s eyes burn holes into your back as you open and sample every lipstick bottle on the rack.

Image via Target

In-stores, Target is also offering “Beauty Concierge” services, kiosks where beauty experts will attend to the needs of customers. Much like the salespeople at Sephora, these cosmetic connoisseurs will be able to help you find the exact products you’re looking for, and assist you with any concerns or questions you have about various beauty topics. Combined with the AR Beauty Studio technology, it’s a truly holistic and indulgent shopping experience for beauty lovers all around.

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    • Maya Asregadoo

      The “Beauty Concierge” service sounds the most appealing to me, as I’m the kind of person who likes to see makeup on in person, not virtually, before I purchase it. I really like the fact that Target is doing this, as people rarely get the chance to try on lower-priced makeup brands before purchasing them.

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