Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston are Instagram Official

So lately everyone has been enamored by the new Hollywood couple known as Hiddleswift. The two people that make up this couple are Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston. The couple just recently went on a gorgeous around the world tour. Some of the stops the couple made were within the same country. Either way, the couple did some sightseeing in each place they visited.

Following this extensive tour are photographers and fans alike. One social media site called Instagram has been left out of the journey. Usually Taylor Swift bombards Instagram with countless photos of fun and intriguing moments in her life. Yet the star has not been very open about her new relationship with Tom Hiddleston. Though one might argue that cameras and social media have taken their relationship public for them.

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Whether the couple wanted to or not, media has taken a notice to their newfound relationship. In the beginning, many pondered the thought of the relationship being a publicity stunt. A different idea that was passed around was that they were shooting a music video. Yet earlier in July Tom Hiddleston actually confirmed that they were in a relationship. The confirmation though was only given orally at that time.

In the new fangled age of 2016, people know there are multiple other ways to confirm a relationship. There are almost levels as to how official your relationship is. You could declare it on Facebook. There is also the option of including your significant other in your Snapchats. Yet on Instagram, you show affection by following one another.

Taylor Swift has not yet posted any pictures of her and Tom Hiddleston together. Yet Tom Hiddleston is still fairly new to the platform of Instagram. At this time Hiddleston only has a single photo of himself up. He is following only about 17 other people. Yet his followers have of course broken the thousand mark.

Taylor Swift boldly followed her new lover. Eventually, after a few days of waiting, the star followed his girlfriend right back. Tom Hiddleston also started following Robert Downey Jr. who gave him a comical welcome to the Instagram community. It is great to see the couple getting even more comfortable with each other. This is because there has been some speculation as to what the couple will do next.

The relationship has been developing extremely fast. Taylor Swift usually allows a little time to pass before moving on to her next relationship. However in just a few short weeks after a breakup from Calvin Harris, Swift and Hiddleston were dating. This was also a little odd due to how drastically Swift altered her appearance. She went from sweet and vintage to almost goth.

Swift, of course, rocks both fashion looks. Yet after getting together with Hiddleston, Swift reverted back to her sweet looking self. Perhaps Swift just wanted to try a darker look? It just seems a little odd for the goth look to go away entirely after the relationship starts. Either way, the couple has been seen and they look happy together.

The jolt of joy could have also influenced Swift’s way of dress. The two met each other’s parents in the beginning of the relationship. Also there have recently been rumors speculating that the couple might get engaged soon. None of these rumors have actually been confirmed. An unknown source leaked this idea to the media.

Ever since the proposed engagement was released the press and public have really been wondering if that actually is the case. The couple has only been dating a little more than over a month. Yet with the two meeting each other’s parents, is this the next logical step? Not actually if you look at the short amount of time they have been together. Yet if the two are truly happy and want marriage certainly no one will stop them.


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