Taylor Swift Shows Fans How to “Shake It Off”

Taylor Swift randomly releases new song and video, and addresses it to her haters.

Swift pulled something that was only believe to be achieved by Beyonce, creating a new song, and video without anyone finding out, and releasing it to the public without any prior warning.

The song titled “Shake it Off” features Swift dressed as a cheerleader, ballerina, gangster, and something very similar to Fergie in her prime. The lyrics address all the things that people spread about her, “at least that’s what people say.”

The chorus is catchy, and sends a good message to people dealing with drama in their lives. Instead of getting wrapped up in everything going on in people’s lives, “you could’ve been getting down to this sick beat.”

Swift dances around on camera, while well-choreographed dancers are behind her, and she tries to keep up with them. Although in true Swift fashion, she is a little clumsy, and a little awkward, and wears a cat sweater to show she’s relatable to her target audience.

This just helps to support the message even more that in order to get away from all the haters, players, and cheaters, you just need to dance.

The release of this song was just in time for Swift’s upcoming album 1989 which is set to release online and in stores on October 27th.



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