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Over time technology has evolved drastically. In the beginning, humans lived by the light of the sun. Night and day dictated when work would be done. However, in modern times we have evolved as a species. We hold a vast wealth of information within our pockets. Knowledge is only a tap away from us at all times.

This new technological revolution has effected everything. The way we work, categorize information, and even how we live. And yes, technology has even affected the fashion industry. People can shop for clothes, from casual to formal, without ever even leaving their home. Everything is available to them from the confines of a screen.

The internet makes fashion available from all different countries. The point being that the internet offers more options. Yet technology is ever changing, therefore fashion has to develop as well. Fashion might have to work on the public image they present. Many companies that use recyclable materials or help charities are popular.

This might mean that each fashion provider might look into a collaboration with a charity. Fashion providers could also attempt more environmentally friendly processes. Each one would build upon the other causing more popularity. That would be the hope for that provider, anyway. The Business of Fashion expresses their own views. Mostly that fashion has the opportunity to evolve further due to the effects of science.

New materials can be made which offer different properties. This could also help versatility and usefulness to a garment. One example of this would be the rise in popularity for spill proof shirts. There are also shirts that assist in good posture. Each one of these garments has been created due to the work between science and fashion.

With technology becoming even more advanced the fashion industry might experiment with robots. Some collaborations might include big tech players like Apple and Google. According to these companies partnered with clothing brands to create a one of a kind experience. This could allow more access to technology whilst wearing clothing. The development of such technology might make fashion even more interesting.

Fashion has been making changes over the years. One example is a clothing line that is inclusive for children with disabilities. The brand is a collaboration between Tommy Hilfiger and Runway of Dreams. The clothes are specifically designed for kids with disabilities like muscular dystrophy or a limb difference. This allows children to wear altered versions of the styles their peers are wearing.

Another unique project is WARD + ROBES from the Starlight Children’s Foundation Canada. This group created beautifully designed hospital gowns for teen patients. When you are in the hospital for extended amounts of time you do not get to wear normal clothes. You have to sit in a drab hospital gown usually. So the pops of color and new designs help ease this tension.

Teens can then feel like they have some control over their life. This comes from actually being able to pick out what gown to wear. It is very exciting to see some groups innovating new fashion possibilities. Teens, adults, and children can all benefit from more inclusive fashion brands. Whether or not their fashion is dictated by religious or cultural reasons or even just choice.

Everyone has their own sense of style. Being limited in options feels a little degrading. Almost like your own choices do not mean anything. Yet with more development through science this can change drastically. All fashion might get to the point where it is entirely inclusive for everybody. The future looks bright for both the fashion and the tech industry.


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