The MTV Hit show Catfish has unleashed some of the most heart breaking moments that have ever aired on television. Creators Nev and Max do all the dirty work to help their clients find their true internet love. Whenever they start an episode, there are always a series of questions asked about the client’s online lover. Nev and Max point out all the odd information in the story before acting on the case. They ask for pictures, email addresses, telephone numbers and all social media account information for observation. Now is the time to do your own investigating; here are some warning signs you should be on the lookout for and question if you feel you are being Catfished.

First thing first, is the person you’re talking to over the internet always too busy video chat? If so then that is the number one sign of possible catfishing. If the person you are interested in and talk to frequently is always too busy to engage in at least one or two video chats then there is something completely off. Your guard should be all the way up if you continue to pursue this person. The world may not be filled with people who all have web cams but these days everyone is practically swimming in technology.

Another sign that should raise an eyebrow is if the person you’re talking to online is always unavailable to talk on the phone. Yes, people do have lives. It is possible to have someone who could always be working, have to take care of their kids, or never have service. But should that be the person for you to begin with. Romantically involving yourself with someone who already can’t even call you is no-no guys.

The final warning sign that you are getting Catfished is if the person is full of excuses! They always have an excuse for everything and anything. Sorry to say this but that person isn’t the one for you. You deserve better than long inboxed messages on Facebook, text messages full of heart emoji’s, and secret talks on the phone. If you’re online lover can’t meet up for a lunch date or schedule a visit for you and them to meet, and then walk away from this relationship. Spare yourself the intense heartbreak.

As you can see, you necessarily don’t need Nev and Max when trying to figure out if someone is really who they claim to be over the internet. Love is too beautiful to be sealed behind the screens of computers and cell phones. Out of all honesty there are no written rules in Love, but there are major warning signs when to proceed with severe caution.

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