Tesla Model 3 Will Have Card Instead of Key

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Tesla is known as electric automaker, and it could be seemed changing the perceptions of auto especially for auto customers. The auto itself of Tesla is not only a car, but also delivering the message of environmental protection and high technology. Thus, the appearance of auto seems like a future car. The purpose of purchasing the car for a partial of customers are environmental awareness, and others could be attracted by future and fantastic car body. Along with increasing of auto types are created by Tesla, the model 3 is paid closed attention by a card instead of key to enter the cars recently.

From a recent video clip, there is a booklet that could be fitted into the central console so that Tesla’s Vice President of Engineering enters the car. The booklet includes an RFID card, which allow owners enter the cars without keys, and also allow owners lock the cars without hands. This creation has attracted many individuals, but they also concern about the credibility of the technology. Before this technology is created, individuals could control and unlock the cars by their smartphones at remote distance locations; however, not every locations have cellular service. If the location did not have strong cellular service, users could not enter the cars by their phones. It is not the first problem that auto makers face. At the beginning establishment of Tesla, they faced a problem that they needed to set up enough charged stations to apply auto users. Especially in other countries, when they started expanding international market, a partial of individuals did not purchase Tesla because they thought that they could not get guarantee to charge their cars in everywhere, especially when they wanted to drive the cars for travelling.

Moreover, Tesla could use a 4416 battery cell in the Model 3 and Next Gen S. The battery cell is about 44mm in diameter and 160 mm in height. This information overturned the hearsay that stated the Tesla Model 3 would be used a 2170 battery cell. Nevertheless, all these information is speculation based on the scenario. We could expect what final creations are.

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