As in life, there is not only black and white. Even in clothes, a total black look is always up-to-date, elegant, classy and sexy. An all-white ensemble exudes summer, freshness and innocence-childhood. The trend of summer fashion proposes their combination and unites these two great “forces” of the dominant colors, black and white.

Black and white clothes stand out in the dizziness and playfulness of the intense and varied color tones. That has appeared since spring and fashion defends the constant value they have in our clothing.

In winter, all-black clothes are always elegant and imposing and catch the eye of those around us as in summer. All-white sets, besides flattering women with beautiful tan, attract attention and are both equally safe options for a woman’s outfit.

But, the black and white clothes for this summer, are the ones that have their honor. First, a big trend, as we have all seen, is black and white polka dots, stripes and those that have geometric patterns. Of course, they do not stop stealing the impressions and the floral clothes, especially the dresses in shades of black and white. The most classic and safe pieces are the monochrome white or black that are combined with each other.

The advantages of a black and white look are many. And many women prefer them mostly in its appearance. Let’s see them below.

You have many options, and you can make many combinations in a black and white look.

Indicatively, we mention some: black or white polka dot pants or striped shirt, black or white top-black and white floral skirt, striped androgynous pants-white or black shirt, polka dot dress-wide white or black belt, black pencil skirt-white with black striped blouse, white long skirt-black fitted top, etc.

The combinations are endless and you can even achieve them with a few pieces in your closet;

White and black, both individually and worn together, are tried and tested and always give an elegant result. They are a constant value because they are both serious and classic and very safe as a choice of appearance.

The black and white clothes match all the accessories and can be combined with something intense if we want to give a more special style. For example, they go perfectly with a red heel or sandal. They also go well with all jewelry and especially silver.

A black and white ensemble can be worn at all hours and is suitable for all occasions. From a morning look with a completely casual look (e.g. black jeans – white t-shirt) or a serious and classic office-work style, to an evening or completely evening outfit for one of our outings (e.g. black dress or striped pencil skirt with a black fitted top) worn with a high heel and a small clutch bag.

The combination of black and white is ideal for those women who hate fancy and colorful clothes. As well as for those who have a few extra pounds and avoid bright colors and strange cuts in the lines so as not to emphasize them.

Black and white clothes match all skin colors and all hair colors. So they are suitable for all women without exception.

Like the black and white individually, any woman can wear a black and white ensemble. And is not forbidden for any age, unlike dazzling colors, prints, etc.

Finally, let’s not forget the neutrality of both colors and therefore their combination, something that makes black and white clothes always a safe choice for all seasons. Because an all-black ensemble for some is considered winter while an all-white ensemble is considered summer. With a black and white ensemble, you can never be out of season or out of fashion. Black and white clothes are always up to date and are here for the summer!

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