VICTOR VIRGILEGETTY IMAGESThe Spring/Summer 2022 Balmain Colection

Balmain had its Spring/Summer 2022 collection at Paris Fashion Week. This was Olivier Rousteing’s, the creative director of Balmain’s 10th year anniversary at the label. The show doubled as the Balmain Music festival walked by supermodels such as Naomi Campbell, the greatest of all time, and Carla Bruni.

Current models who are on their way to supermodel status, such as Precious Lee, seemed to be the crowd favorites as the audiences went crazy when they appeared on the runway.

The Balmain Music fstival
Images: Courtesy of Balmain

Another part that drove the crowd into a craze was Beyoncé’s voice over played as the models walked. Praising and congratulating Olivier on his decade at Balmain. His tenure has brought Balmain outstanding success, especially in the early 2010s, creating a sense of community and a community that converted into sales.

Referring to themselves as the Balmain Army. This large following at the time was also because of the connection that Balmain had to the Kardashians and Kanye West. Unfortunately. Bringing their spending crazed fan base with them to the brand. This is just one reason Balmain stayed at the top for a few years.

Olivier’s success is especially heart-warming and satisfying to see. As the first black creative director of a legendary Parisian fashion house, his entrance wasn’t smooth. Instead, it was filled with doubts and controversy. That he has lasted 10 years and top of that brought Balmain into one of its most successful eras- was indeed something that required a humongous celebration. Hence the Balmain Music Festival and Spring/Summer fashion show being combined.

The Balmain Music Festival
Images: Courtesy of Balmain

The Balmain Music Festival brought enormous crowds to the show, which made the atmosphere nothing short of electric. It made the show more real. It also fits in with the route that Balmain has taken to using entertainment as a marketing strategy to create a new following and a new sense of community, which will hopefully translate into sales. Recently, the brand has suffered a lull. Artists such as Doja Cat, who is one of the most popular people in music right now- performed.


Investing in entertainment- such as Netflix deals, has become a trend in the fashion industry. Luxury houses such as Gucci have paved the way and been successful at it. Telling stories to make people feel connected to a brand has the potential to drive in new customers and revive old ones. Balmain partnered with Channel 4, the UK network, to bring us “Fracture”.

Especially when brands are also using platforms such as YouTube, which could involve using content creators- often this is a great tool to bring in younger audiences with lots of spending power.

This collection definitely took things like social media into account, with some of the ready-to-wear pieces resembling what people call “Instagram Baddie” pieces. Lots of cut outs, showing skin. While also honoring his favorite pieces from the 2010s, which we saw featured on the runway.

The balmain music festival
Images: Courtesy of Balmain

Even in its quieter years, Balmain is still Iconic, especially because Olivier Rousteing is the person at its helm. He will continue to take it to greater heights for the next 10 years to come. He will continue to rise and succeed, and those who don’t like that will have to just stay mad.

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