The Best Boutique Hotels in Tulum

Tulum is one of the most sought after Mexican holiday destinations. It has been on the international stage for several years now and continues to grow in popularity.  

Tulum Ruins Maya
Tulum Ruins Maya

The top chic boutique hotels in Tulum that are out of this world are:

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Our top editors give you the stories, recommendations and honest reviews you need and want - delivered right to your inbox.


Zamas hotel Tulum

A well-known boutique hotel in the Tulum scene. The colorful Zamas is also home to one of Tulum’s best restaurants. Zamas is a place where you can really turn off, as a generator, telephones, air conditioners, and TVs powers the space are removed from the rooms, and Wi-Fi is limited to public areas. As you might expect, things in Zamas are simple, elegant and authentic, with bold rooms with rooftops and hammock balconies.

2-Casa Malca

Casa Malca

Casa Malca is an elegant boutique hotel in the thriving tourist hub of Tulum. It offers the perfect Caribbean getaway. However, the property once belonged to Pablo Escobar – one of the most ruthless drug lords and the subject of Netflix’s popular Narcos series. The 42-suite estate now belongs to New York-based art collector Lio Malco.

3-Be Tulum

Be Tulum

Between the opposite sides of Tulum, white sand beaches and lush jungle, you will experience the best of both worlds at Be Tulum. This feeling of duality extends to the decorative element, which is at the same time modern and fresh, but delightfully natural, while everything is extremely luxurious. A special advantage of staying at Be Tulum is the hotel’s wellness center, Yaan, and the adult-only atmosphere.

4-El Pez

El Pez Tulum
El Pez Tulum

Another of Tulum’s top exclusive accommodation is El Pez, part of the Colibri Boutique Hotel Company. On the vertical Cove Turtle, El Pez is blessed with large windows and a light feel, complemented by its elegant atmosphere and authentic restaurants with panoramic views. Color pops illuminate the place, both inside and out, and the legendary community nights (celebrating art and music) are something you see.

5-Posada Yum Kin

Posada Yum kin
Posada Yum Kin

Only 12 pleasant suites make up Posada Yum Kin, which is the only non-seaside boutique hotel to make the Tulum accommodation guide. Instead, you are in the jungle’s heart in this paradise and have the option to stay in one of the three rooms. The Posada Yum Kin is the ideal place for travelers who do not always enjoy being on the beach or who want to see a slightly different side of the tourist side, with its beautiful Mexican tile touches and accredited Tulum routes.

6-NEST Tulum

NEST, Tulum

Intimacy is the selling point of NEST Tulum, a relatively recent addition to the Tulum hotel area owned by the well-known James Chippendale. Here you will find beautiful but simply prepared cuisine, an incomparably pleasant atmosphere that does not cross the line in friendliness and annoyance. It has an overall atmosphere of relaxing calm. Luxury and comfort combine in perfect harmony. It is a boutique hotel that is modern, fresh and yet completely intimate.

7-Jashita Hotel


In the secluded bay of Soliman, Jashita Hotel is the centerpiece of the boutique. Jashita is an airy modernity and precious luxury. If you are lucky, you will find yourself in a suite that overlooks the turquoise waters of Tulum’s Caribbean coast and its lush jungle.

8-Cabañas La Luna

Cabañas da luna
Cabañas la luna

A collection of beach bungalows is the property of Cabañas La Luna. It is the ideal boutique choice for low-maintenance guests looking for a relaxing getaway. Easy access to the beach is a given, so self-proclaimed beach goers will feel comfortable here. The food may not be impressive, as it exudes all kinds of exotic food, just tagines in the evening and ceviche during the day.

9-Casa de Las Olas

Casa de Las Olas

This is an ideal spot to discover the city. With a minimum capacity of just five grand suites. They all are with stunning sea views, modern, elegant aesthetics and softly twisted fabrics. Casa de Las Olas makes for the ideal boutique hotel if you want a relaxing, quiet getaway from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

10-Cabañas TulumCabañas Tulum

Cabañas Tulum

Sixteen rooms make up the Cabañas Tulum, which is a very different cabaña experience on this one in La Luna. Here you will be transported to spacious rooms with all amenities. It has additional elements, such as yoga mats and beach bags. Guests here can enjoy not only private beach swings, yoga classes and a swimming pool but also the Spa & Wellness Center. Deep under the luxury of luxury. The Cabañas Tulum is the ideal medium for the discerning traveler.

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