Photo: Courtesy of Hermès

Luxury brands are known for being a symbol of exclusivity and status, and Hermès Birkin Bag- has to be the most exclusive and most coveted of them all.

Birkin bags being the number one reason for this. For decades, they have created an illusory image around the Birkin bag. An image that is both realistic and a fantasy.

Realistic- in the sense that the price is too high for most to afford, or those who can afford it simply will not pay that much for a bag. The second part is the strenuous process for those who truly want one and are willing and able to pay for it.

Everything about Hermès is about providing a customized experience when you walk into their luxurious stores. Stores are tailored often to the location and culture of each country or city that they are in. Buyers will tailor pieces that go to each location according to how a certain city is known for dressing.

Hermès store
Photo: Courtesy of Hermès

Birkin bags were born out of this same culture of customization. Named after Jane Birkin, when she complained about not having a bag that could carry everything she needed as a young mom, including her Hermes planner. The designers sitting next to her immediately came up with a bag that would fulfill all these needs, while still looking stylish. The Birkin was born.

Available in different sizes, such as 25, 30 and even 40, in a range of colors and prints, what specific hardware you want, and even textures. One can customize a Birkin, but only if you are a long-time buyer. Getting to this stage takes time considering getting your first Birkin is the most troublesome part yet. In order to get your foot through the door, first you must have an impressive buying history from Hermes. After that, once you have been assessed as someone who is a serious potential buyer, you enter a waiting list. Waiting lists can range from 6 months to 10 years, depending on where you are. 

birkin bags
Photo: Courtesy of Hermès

If you look on social media, especially since 2020, there has been an increased interest among people for a Birkin bag. A few influencers are getting their hands on some, and this, of course, has created an even bigger frenzy and created more hype around the Birkin bag.

However, as visible as Birkins are on social media, it is not because of Hermès themselves. Opting to not use current marketing tools, such as promoting them on social media or paid campaigns with influencers. So yes, if you see your favorite influence with a Birkin bag that is real, she paid for it. 

Hermès, as a brand, has become so popular that they are expanding their ecommerce and digital presence. But Birkins will not be available on their online platforms.

Rather, Hermès has used shadow marketing, which involves word of mouth and relying purely on the brand’s exclusivity and standing. This means not revealing how many Birkins are bought each year or when new stock will arrive.

birkin bag
Photo: Courtesy of Hermès

Hermès takes part in the fashion seen though, through releasing extra bags every year on the runway and constantly reinventing the Birkin itself.

As inaccessible as they are, the demand is higher than ever, even in the downtrodden economy that we are in now because of the pandemic. Hermès is increasing production by hiring more artisans and opening more production houses, but not for Birkins, so they remain as elusive as ever.

Everyone wants a piece of the subtle luxury and quality that Hermès offers.

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