The Body Positive Movement Isn’t Just For Women: Men Want In Too

It is no secret that many are embracing body positivity with so many people becoming advocates and a voice for it; both famous and not. In our world and in many industries, such as fashion, people put so much importance on the way they look. People feel the need to fit into a certain mold that they think society wants them to.

When you look at the whole movement, there is one thing that seems to be the theme- most of it is geared towards women. It is no surprise that this is the case because most of the time women are the ones who you hear about having low body confidence and have to deal with society’s unrealistic beauty standards. But, just because it is women we mostly hear about doesn’t mean men do not face the same challenges.

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In an interview with Katie Sturino, a body-positive blogger known as @The12isStyle, she discussed the ways body image has changed over the years and where men stand in this movement. Her blog has inspired many, especially Ryan Dzidaul, who conducted the interview and also started his own Instagram and blog account two years ago called @extraextrastyle to show his path toward body positivity through men’s fashion.

Sturino first started her blog to prove to women that you can be stylish with any body type. Both Katie and Ryan feel that it is hard to shop in many different stores because the plus size for women and big and tall section for men have limited option. Many times they have found themselves having to order clothes online because store fronts will not carry certain bigger sized items.

Dzidual feels that the fashion world looks down on plus size men and assumes that they do not have body the same body issues that women have. Don’t be fooled, men still look in the mirror and can feel bad about themselves too. So for them, they also want to be able to find clothes that fit them right and allow them to feel just as confident as any other man.

Social media definitely plays a big role in the whole body positive movement and has helped embrace being different. It has also has allowed people to connect and find others who share the same passion as them.

For so long there was always a certain “image” that many felt was perfect. For women, it was being tall and having a thigh gap and for men, it was having a toned and muscular body.

Both of these two bloggers want to continue spreading body positivity and show the generations to come that there is no standard way of looking. Everyone’s body is different and everyone’s body is beautiful so it is time to start embracing it.

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