Maxi dress suit almost all women and flatter almost all body types. We can say almost all because like other clothes, maxi dresses, unfortunately do not fit all. To put it more correctly, with maxi dresses we must know how to wear them properly and adapt them to your own style. Otherwise, the clothes will wear you and you will not wear it.

So they are known to all of us as long dresses that emphasize the feminine side of every woman and give us an aristocratic touch to the entire external appearance. Also, this type of dresses are the safest clothing solution from morning to night.

The maxi dresses can be chosen in a narrow line, in a wide and airy line, and even in a line. While the printed and black maxi dresses are the color shades that have prevailed. Of course, we can always choose any color we like from the most intense to the haziest and quiet colors as long as it flatters us. But let’s see everything we need to know to choose a maxi dress correctly, to wear it correctly, to highlight it and make us stand out.

Maxi dresses depending on body type

Maxi dresses, as we said, go to all women regardless of body type. This is because a long dress can cover imperfections but also emphasizes strengths in our silhouette. But as for the line and the design of the dress, whether it will be narrow, wide, strapless or anything else. You should definitely choose it based on your body type, your height and your style.

More specifically:

If your body type is pear, it would be good to choose your maxi dresses in line A. That is, dresses that are narrow at the top and open at the bottom of the pelvis. Where there is the most open area. Of course, if your curves are well-groomed and you are a Mediterranean woman, then we would tell you to choose maxi dresses in a straight line that emphasizes your feminine curves. But in no case do not choose a tight dress.

Floral printed Maxi Dress


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For women who have an apple body type, i.e., have a belly, it would be good to put a thin and dark belt just above their belly. This trick is a first-class camouflage for the abdomen. Also, choose dresses in airy lines and, of course, with pleats in the middle.

If you are a woman with a slim or normal body type, then you have no problem and you can comfortably choose the maxi dresses that fit very well on your body. Also, maxi dresses that are tight and elastic are ideal for you. You can, of course, choose any color you want.

Maxi Dress For Plus Size


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Exuberant women with extra pounds should choose dresses in wide and airy lines which are ideal to cover the imperfections and extra pounds but also to highlight the femininity and temperament that you have plenty.

Maxi dresses and accessories

Maxi dresses because they are one-piece. It would be good to put some accessories on them to emphasize the dress itself and to complete our style. So it would be good in monochrome dresses to choose necklaces and belts in bright colors. Ideally, combine them in the same or similar shade with your shoes or your bag. If your dress is printed, with patterns and shapes, then you should do the exact opposite. You should choose monochrome and neutral accessories that will discreetly and correctly emphasize your maxi dresses.

Maxi dresses depending on the occasion



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As we said, maxi dresses take us out of the difficult position and we can wear them all day, but what are the right ones and for what time? For the morning hours, it would be good to choose maxi dresses in soft fabrics such as linen or cotton, while in the evening we can choose a dress in satin and a better fabric. Also, for our morning appearances, it is good to choose dresses without necklines and provocative slits. It is good to keep such dresses for more evening appearances.

Finally, for our morning appearances, we choose to wear our maxi dresses in flat or medium heel shoes, while for our evening appearances, we choose high heel sandals and shoes with a higher heel.

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