Heads up General Mills, you won’t be able to stock grocery store shelves fast enough in the coming weeks. For Cheerios have broken the internet.

A few weeks ago the virtual world was talking about a holier-than-thou sneeze from Queen Bey. With the coming and passing of Father’s Day this week, a new craze has hit the meme-making world. It’s called the #CheerioChallenge.

Can you top 5? Prove it when you do! #CheerioChallenge

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‘Life of Dad’ is the ultimate social network for fathers of the world. The site allows dads to create a profile, start a group chat and even produce their very own blog for fellow fathers to read. Whether they’re talking about sports, fatherhood or just shooting the breeze about a new man cave expansion, Patrick Quinn, co-founder of the site, has created a virtual world for dear-old-dad.

Tommy Riles, the original founder of ‘Life of Dad’, reports that the #CheerioChallenge came to light after Quinn began stacking some leftover Cheerios on his sleeping 3-week-old baby’s nose. After posting the photo of his leaning tower of Cheerios on the Facebook page for ‘Life of Dad’, chaos ensued. By the end of the day, the founders saw millions of followers competing in the #CheerioChallenge.

“I knew that what Quinn had started was something that we had been waiting years for. We had gone viral before with Dads Singing The Little Mermaid, and a Single Dad’s Emotional Letter, but I thought this had the chance of being something special, based on the immediate positive response,” Riles states in his blog post.

BuzzFeed reported the record for most Cheerios stacked on Friday was 16. Just hours later, a father topped the tower with a whopping 17 Cheerios. Must have been a long afternoon nap for the little tike. Quinn comments, “That seems to be the Everest of Cheerio stacking.” We can already hear the hastags now. #EverestCheerioChallenge #MtKilamanjaroCheerioChallenge

The internet operates on a scale unparallel to common media outlets. No one really knows what will go viral. It could be as simple as a teenage boy with white vans. Daaaaamn Daniel. It could be as absurd as the involuntary nasal capacities of a mega celebrity. Or it could be as stinkin’ cute as stacking cereal on your child’s nose.

Perhaps it’s the world’s way of coping with media’s ever-growing and rarely positive influx of news. Maybe Beyoncé’s sneeze took over the Twitter world because we’ve grown tired of commenting on Clinton’s emails or Trump’s ‘thin skin’. We would rather focus on a tower of Cheerios atop the button nose of a seemingly healthy newborn, placing the constant commotion of Zika on the backburner.

These social media phenomenon’s are a twinkle in the world’s skies of terror, disease and violence. So to that, we say a belated happy Father’s Day. Whether you are a scraped knee specialists, a Cheerio Challenge stacker or founder of the ‘Life of Dad’, you brought a little light to world this week.

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