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It is known that the chance to find the perfume that will make us feel the connection directly with both our psychology, the season and our skin… is equal to winning the lottery!

So, once we make this investment, it is natural to want to keep it for as long as possible. But even in the most intoxicating and fragrant notes of our lives, there is – unfortunately, an end!

This is especially true if we do not give them the care they need… Who knows? Perfumes also have a “soul!”

Thus, a poor management could alter its chemical composition, causing it to lose its “longevity”. The secrets for how to make our favorite perfume last longer, but also the indications to see if it has changed, follow…


Poor management could alter its chemical composition, Image Courtesy-Pexels

Perfume houses recommend we leave our perfume within one to three years, from the moment we open it.

But the aroma does not end, in the same sense as, for example, in food. Therefore, sometimes we could continue to use it for four or five to six years.

After all, there is no rule that imposes the opposite! To achieve the longevity of the scent of our perfume, we only need to know some simple elements regarding its chemical composition.


Let us recognize “oxidation”, as the result of the chemical process in which our perfume, due to time, comes in more contact with the oxygen of the atmosphere, resulting in the formation of new compounds, which alter its smell.

If we observe some older perfumes in our collection, we see they did not lose their intensity, but “sour”, because of oxidation. This is usually the case with citrus-based or patchouli-based fragrances.

Therefore, we realize that if we are fans of fruity aromas, we should pay even more attention to them! As it is prone to oxidation and so they last less than the rest.

Longer Duration

Amber offers us a long duration, Image Courtesy-Pexels

The scents that hold their scent the most are those that are characterized by a more stable chemical structure. However, because it may be a little difficult for some of us to recognize them, we could note that they are those that contain woody notes, such as that of sandalwood.

Amber offers us a long duration, both in contact with our skin, but as well.

In addition, perfumes with a high alcohol content last longer, as alcohol prevents the molecules from oxidizing. We can avoid alcohol as an ingredient in beauty products, but with perfume it is the main preservative for its integrity.

Usually perfumes have 70-90% alcohol. Therefore, it would be better to choose perfumes with a higher alcohol content index like those of 90 degrees.

 What is best to avoid:   

Non-alcoholic perfumes are attractive, they lose their intensity quicky, Image Courtesy-Pexels

– Perfumes without alcohol.

– Oil based perfume.

– Aromas based on patchouli or citrus notes.

Although non-alcoholic perfumes are attractive, they lose their intensity quickly… The role of alcohol is essential to any perfume.

In fact, it has been used as a preservative since antiquity! In fact, the Venetians were the first to find this technique, as they traded Italian perfumes to Europe, replacing oil with alcohol.

But apart from alcohol, perfume comprises unfamiliar elements, natural or synthetic molecules, to which stabilizers are added to maximize the duration and stability of the perfume.

Conclusion; If a perfume does not contain alcohol, which acts as a preservative, it will have a shorter shelf life. It is also good to know that natural molecules are usually less stable than synthetic ones.

How will it last longer?

1. We keep our perfume away from light!
As much as it shines in the rays of the sun, the light will dissolve the composition of the perfume, making it unstable and prone to oxidation!

2. Keep it away from heat!
Especially the bathroom area, with the steam and humidity is solemnly discarded! A suitable solution is to keep it in its packaging box, in a closet or in our bedroom.

We can also keep our scent in the refrigerator’s maintenance! In order not to be affected by the lighting in each door opening, however, we can wrap it with aluminum foil. As it contains alcohol, it will not freeze and will give us a note of refreshing coolness with every spray!

3. We do not leave it half empty!
It is not at all unlikely that we will have two or three perfumes and wear them alternatively. A half-empty bottle, however, is in danger of altering its composition as the oxygen carried inside causes new fermentations and threatens its quality, especially if it is a highly concentrated perfume.

4. We wear it, right!
It is known that if we wear our perfume on the pulse points, the heat created in the area will allow its personality to emerge, but if we then inadvertently rub these points, the fragrant notes will evaporate or “break”!

Alternatively, we can wear our perfume after the bath, while our skin is still fresh. This is a trick that “locks” its aromatic notes on our skin, down to the last drop!

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