It’s the second week of May. You’re scrolling through the notifications on your phone when you realize what day it is on Sunday. You frantically pull out all the latest catalogs on Google. You search up “unique Mother’s Day gift ideas” and pray that the results won’t be a list of all the typical suspects: flower baskets, makeup, perfume, handbags–virtually everything you’ve already done in the past ten years. Somehow, Mother’s Day gift catalogs only seem to emphasize floral prints, pastel blush leather goods, and kitchenware.

If you’re looking for a guide to that special gift that your mom deserves-whether she’s a master chef in the kitchen, a chic careerwoman, an outdoors lover, or just totally unconventional-look no further. Here’s the list of all the possible gifts you could get this weekend, organized by personality type and budget. Give your mom a treat that she’ll actually love, uniquely catered for her personality (and your budget).

The “Let’s Bring the Kids on a Hike This Weekend” Mom

“Fresh Air” and “Vitamin C” are part of this mom’s life motto. Staying home all day is not an option for her; whenever she gets a chance, she loves to go explore the wilderness, go hiking or river canoeing in the great outdoors, and gear up for camping trips. She’s already planned trips to national parks and mountain trails this summer. All she needs are these few extra touches of love.

Under $50

Teakwood Water Bottle, $35

To keep her well-hydrated for any spontaneous hiking trip.

Under $100

Mountain Classic Anorak, $59

A waterproof necessity and stylish staple for any outdoors-loving mom.


6-Inch Premium Waterproof Boots, $170

Let your mom take on the wild with a pair of these classic babies.

The Cupcake Wars Mom

Alright, so we had to throw in at least one of these types. This mom’s best friends are oven mitts and a high-powered electric whisk. Her cupboards are stocked with various sheet pans, frosting,  spices, and a gazillion cookbooks. She makes bread from scratch and wins the annual neighborhood bake-off every year. Overall, she’s just a sweet (pun-intended) mom with a heart for anything warm and gooey.

Under $50

Mini Waffle Maker, $18

Look at this mini waffle maker. Look at it. And now tell me you don’t want to buy it.

Under $100


XOXO 8-Piece Bento Box, $65

A sweet gift for a sweet-loving mom.


KitchenAid Mixer, $260

On the pricier end but sure to add a vintage shabby-chic touch to the kitchen.

The Business-Chic Mom

This mom is a serious career woman with a sleek office space and laptop in front of her from 9-5. To complement her workspace, she needs a killer organization technique and an I-mean-business office-chic blazer to finish her look.

Under $50

Terrazzo Memoblock, $8

Anyone taking notes on this memo block is bound to feel 100% more elevated in chic status.

Under $100

Babaton Wolfgang Blouse, $70

Complete her business-casual wardrobe with this breezy sleeveless blouse.


Pale Pink Fold Clutch, $120

This monogrammed leather clutch by the Daily Edited is sleek, minimalistic, and customizable.

The “Athleisure is Fashion” Mom

Being sporty is one thing. This mom not only loves to stay fit, but wants to look it, too. Running shoes and leggings are never a short distance away from this mom’s closet, along with her go-to headphones, mobile device, and Fitbit. She already owns a treadmill and dumbbells, so here are some additional surprises you could add to her home gym.

Under $50

Mid-Rise Mesh-Pocket Compression Leggings, $35

You can’t go wrong with a classic pair of yoga leggings-and this one comes with pockets. Enough said.

Under $100

Nike Air Span II Sneakers, $95

Score these slick Nike sneakers at Urban Outfitters. The perfect gift for a mom on the run.


Activ5 Isometric-Based Exercise, $128

Here’s a full-body exercise kit so your mom can work out on the go, anytime and anywhere.

The Mom Who Just Wants A Little Chill Time

Let’s face it-what mom doesn’t want to simply unwind and relax after a long day of work, making dinner, picking kids up from school, doing laundry, you name it…Let your mom sit in front of the TV (for once) with a glass of wine or a mug of hot cocoa, and enjoy these treats as a reward for all that she does for you and me. No one deserves downtime more than our moms, let’s face it.

Under $50

Faux-fur Super Study Lapdesk, $35
Don’t let the name fool you–lapdesks aren’t just for studying. Perch a cup of hot cocoa and a laptop, and you have yourself the perfect in-bed chill station.


Under $100

Ember Temperature Control Mug, $80

Imagine a mug that keeps your drink hot for as long as it takes you to finish it. Every mom will appreciate a mug of tea that stays hot throughout her favorite Netflix show.


Swift Futon, $165

For a last resort, just throw a new couch in the room and make your mom a home theater. Grab some popcorn and have a cozy movie night in.

Hopefully this guide will help you find that perfect gift just in time without breaking the bank, or at least give inspiration for something that your unique, one-of-a-kind mom will treasure. And remember: moms are human, too.

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