Raise your hand if you wish it was acceptable to wear pajamas in public? Don’t deny that you wish this. I know everyone has those days where you just roll out of bed and wish you didn’t have to change out of those cozy pjs. The soft comfortable pants, the soft materials, the fuzzy cozy slippers; why do you have to change to acceptable looking clothes? All the effort it takes in the morning to put together an outfit that matches and looks presentable, such a struggle isn’t it? Well, good news, now wearing those comfortable clothes in public is completely okay. Maybe we should start following in celebrity style and change the old stereotype of having to dress up when heading out in public. A$AP Rocky and A$AP Ferg are starting a new trend of making this cozy, comfy, fuzzy look the new trend.
At Paris Fashion Week, each of these men were seen sporting the new “cozy” relaxed style that is starting to trend around the fashion seen. Their new comfy styles range from velour tracksuits, fluffy white fur jackets, and big hooded sweatshirts. They say this new style of coziness is more of a feeling than anything else. They make comments about people who show up in their fancy business suits and try to be all fancy but if you’re not cozy in what you’re wearing then what’s the point in wearing the outfit at all? Different members of the “A$AP Mob” also join this movement, wearing slippers to major events without blinking an eye.
Members of this mob have been the new faces to this cozy relaxed movement and have caught the eyes of many designers. This is starting for new designs in this new relaxed style era. Many of these designers partaking in making new relaxed clothing also credit Kanye for starting this new look. Kanye’s designs feature many oversized sweatshirts, sweatpants, and hoodies. He is showing that it is acceptable to go out to parties and events and not have to wear the tight suits that you can not wait to change out of by the end of the night.
But this look isn’t just for the guys, ladies lets embrace this style too. Many women celebrities are also team cozy and comfort. Rihanna was seen out sporting furry slides resembling slippers and Rita Ora was out seen wearing comfy big sweaters. People who design these comfort clothing have been starting to see sales fly as people begin to follow. And why wouldn’t this new trend be a hit? Who doesn’t want to walk around all day in clothes they could fall asleep in. So next time you want to just roll out of bed and not get dressed, do it. Don’t think you have to wear clothes that are skin tight and uncomfortable to look good. Let’s all thank the fashion gods for this new trend becoming the newest thing.

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