The plastic shoe trend has been around for a while now, thanks to celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, Bella Hadid, and Kendall Jenner. Plastic shoes might be “in” right now, but it turns out that they aren’t the best for your feet.

There are a handful of issues with plastic shoes that haven’t really been talked about. To start, plastic shoes fog up from body heat when worn. The fog can be pretty gross to look at, and can ultimately ruin the look of an outfit. In addition, there’s no way plastic shoes can be comfortable. Plastic suffocates the feet and barely allows any movement. The shoes are very hard and not flexible at all.

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Kim Kardashian recently posted a photo wearing plastic pumps and it looked like they were cutting off her circulation. Parts of her feet were white and her toes appeared to be extremely cramped.

Even health professionals agree that there are real dangers of plastic shoes. Dr. Rock Positano, Director of Non-surgical Foot and Ankle Service at Hospital for Special Surgery in New York, revealed that plastic’s lack of breathability can be a major risk. If socks are not worn, the environment of a plastic shoe basically turns into a breeding ground for bacterial and fungal growth. The combination of heat, moisture, and darkness can make the inside of a shoe very unhealthy. Dr. Positano went on to state that those allergic to plastic may be subject to contact dermatitis from wearing plastic shoes.

Even plastic soles are problematic. If a sole is made out of plastic, the shoe has no shock absorption, which can ultimately lead to joint and bone pain. Joint and bone issues can then end up affecting other parts of the body, like the knees and back.

So if you really want to wear plastic shoes, don’t wear them for long periods of time. Or, even better, wear them with socks. Please.

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