There’s a new guy on the block, and he’s redefining what we thought was dead: chivalry. As we drift into the advancing evolvement of change, we transform into a new temperament, at least for British guys. Upon a recent survey done by the University College London and the American grooming company Harry’s, 2,000 men surveyed, estimated to be less metrosexual and generally more conscientious. In my opinion, both men and women should be morally responsible and virtuous. Essentially, the stereotypical arrogant and sassy boys you see at the gym are no longer praiseworthy. The clichéd good looks and ego won’t get you ahead in the game anymore.

Gratifyingly, we discovered that 2017 Man placed the highest value on dependability, reliability, honesty, and loyalty. Along with this, an athletic build seemed to be the least important trait, not to be confused with physical health, which ranked high in precedence. Retiring from religiously going to the gym for merely narcissistic purposes, British guys are staying active primarily for the feel-good factor. So, this entails mental and physical fitness for a more consistent and admissible propensity. While men enjoy maintaining a healthy lifestyle, reports indicate teamwork is vitally essential in a dynamic balance, effecting a social and entertaining interaction.

These findings explode the myth that the route to happiness is by being a narcissistic gym-slave. Additionally, many men told us they find that today’s Tinder-driven selfie-culture is “burning them out”.

“They want to be wanted for their bodies, not their wardrobe. And certainly not their minds,” regarding spornosexuals.

For the British man, well-being and happiness ranked higher than the superficial, high-maintenance “jock”. There’s a sense of propriety and discipline, a fitting family man. Masculinity is a topic under scrutiny for many men, and the survey shows many men under the age of 50 have suffered various classifications of mental illness. This resulted in the male suicide crisis reflecting the social demand for the ideal mainstream conformation and disposable income. As we’re advancing the future, men have understood the importance of preservation of mental and physical health. As a result, they’ve shown to return to their roots of virility: getting married and raising children.

“The men that I really admire, in my personal life, my friends, they are the gentle dads and the reliable partners, and the people that you catch in random acts of kindness.”

Does this mean men are becoming more sensitive and feminine? Yes, but exhibiting feminine traits of emotions, love, and kindness is the new type of man. Welcome to the evolutionary mind of the human being.

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