The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition conducted a 16 year study that finally revealed the truth in losing weight.

By watching over the eating habits of over 120,000 people the research discovered five nutritional facts; some that may surprise you and others that have prior been discovered.

Following these five habits may lead to a bigger weight loss than going on any fad diets that consist of heft restrictions and many times fail because of the inability to keep up with them.

These habits prove that a high glycemic diet filled with refined grains, starches, and sugars leads to weight gain while one with low glycemic filled with nuts, dairy, and some fruits and vegetables leads to weight loss.

  1. chickenseafoodA diet rich in seafood, skinless chicken, nuts and yogurt will lead to weight loss. Via nepaliaaustralian
  2. yogurt-charlesmastersLow-fat or full-fat, it actually does not matter when it comes to dairy products and losing weight. Via Charles Masters.
  3. steakpotato-roseHaving meals with red processed meat and starchy or refined grains as a side can lead to weight gain. Via Rose Wenceslao.
  4. meat-and-veggies-agogefitYet, a meal with meat and a side of veggies or anything low in glycemic will reduce weight loss. Via Agoge Fitness System.
  5. omelete-eggbeaterThe same rule applies to eggs and cheese; if eaten with foods high in glycemic the result will be weight gain but if paired with low glycemic foods the result will be weight loss. Via Egg Beaters.

Basically, try to make most of your diet filled with skinless chicken or seafood. But, when indulging in red meats stay away from steak and mashed potatoes. And for breakfast stay clear from any omelettes and house potatoes or hash-browns.

Who knew that the way food is combined can be a huge factor in weight gain or loss and not particularly the fat content.

Try to always stay clear from any foods high in glycemic, which can be found on the glycemic index, and weight loss will be easier than you thought.


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