The Newest Fashion Debate Has Begun: Lace Shorts For Men

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Fashion is all about taking risks. Sometimes those fashion risks pay off and other times they can lead to a total flop. Fashion critiques are everywhere; you can’t walk down a street anymore without someone judging the way you look. Sometimes it can be hard to be different, especially with outfit choices, because of the known fact that when you step into the public eye you will be judged.

The judgement from society can lead to people not wanting to try and take fashion risks. But there are others who find a thrill in having people stare at their outfits. Some people have brimming confidence and they feel good in their clothing then they don’t care about what anyone else thinks.

So, are you willing to take a risk? And men, I’m talking to you too!

I’m sure everyone has heard about the crazy new trend of male rompers; better known as “RompHim”. When this new style first came out it started a lot of discussions. When most think of a romper, they tend to associate with a female. Many people debating have debated on the femininity the RompHim portrays and that it is not masculine enough for men to wear. Let’s face it, most men’s version of dressing up is throwing on their best jeans (the ones without holes) and a button up that their girlfriend ironed for them.

This gender-bending fashion trend obviously left people voicing numerous amounts of opinions. There were many homophobic and gendered slurs thrown around that left people heated. But this more gender-neutral fashion craze still seems to be going in full force. There have been many designers who have created more masculine looking outfits for women on recent runways. Also, stores such as H&M are fully embracing this era by having unisex denim in their latest line.

Still, in our world, people have trouble fully embracing a non-gender identification for clothing. Just seeing all the debate that has come from the release of RompHim proves that our society still has a long way to go before excepting this new gender-neutral way of thinking.

Even though it may take time for society to get on board, there are some people who are too impatient to wait for that to happen. Now there is another new viral trend happening in the male clothing market; laced shorts for men.

Yes, lace shorts that come in a variety of different colors. These shorts are made exclusively by Hoza Rodriguez, a designer who owns the street-wear brand Hologram City. Rapper, Cazwell, chose to rock a pair of these shorts on set of his new music video and then posted a picture of him wearing them to his Instagram.

Just as we associate rompers with female fashion, usually lace is something you will only see on women’s clothing. Of course, just as the RompHim sparked debate, so did this new trend. But this is not the first time lace shorts are being seen in men’s fashion. In 2013, Versace had a few men wearing them for his runway show, as well as Gucci for his 2015 runway.

All over social media people began making comments towards these new shorts; posting gender slurs and commenting inappropriate feedback.

But why do people care so much? Fashion is your own personal choice. There are not two people who will like the exact same outfit every day. Everyone chooses to have their own style and we all have a choice as to what we want to wear each day. The fact that people have so many inappropriate comments towards this newest fashion trend again proves that our society still has a long way to go in before we can truly commit to accepting the gender-neutral concept.

Overall, when it comes down to it fashion should not be “labeled” as female or male. Fashion should be however you want to look. Labeling should not be for gender, rather just to say if it is “dry-clean only”.

Lover of all things fashion from day one. While everyone else was reading long novels you could catch me browsing through the style portion of any magazine. I'm a reality show junkie in all forms and will endlessly watch The Food Network while shamelessly throwing in some reruns of Keeping up with the Kardashians.

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