The Newest Runway Trend: Genderless Fashion

This era is all about change. We are at a time when people are able to be whoever and whatever they want to be. Everyone is given opportunities that were once not allowed, and society is starting to take notice by changing the ‘norms’ of the past. Still, there are some people, however, who are sticklers to change and like to see things stay old-fashioned.


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Our top editors give you the stories, recommendations and honest reviews you need and want - delivered right to your inbox.

Andrew Loren, a 30-year-old interior designer, has made it his goal to not let anyone stand in his way of making a change. During the infamous summer wedding season, Loren said he tried to wear the standard suit but he felt more uncomfortable in it than he should. That is when he made the decision he was not going to stick to the norm and be himself, choosing his new wedding go-to, a sleeveless Rick Owens dress.


Owens has been part of the genderless clothing movement since 2002. This new premise has seemingly taken off in recent fashion seasons and designers are gearing towards making more clothing that fits both sexes. There have been many collections that feature garments that leave many wondering if it was designed for a male or female.


During the latest fashion week in Paris in June, designer Stefano Pilati revealed an all-black, 17-piece collection that was completely genderless called “Random Identities”. This collection showcased different blazers, long sleeve dresses, trouser pants, and even fishnet tights that were worn by both men and women.


Just days prior to this ambitious collection reveal, designer Thom Browne showcased male models wearing different length skirts and heels. The entire collection was so extraordinary but the most thrilling ensemble of the collection was the half tux/half bridal gown outfit that was the shows finisher.


Fashion is not just about wearing ‘an outfit’, it is a way to showcase personality and mood. Luckily, different designers and companies are creating looks that allow every individual to find pieces which allow them to be their true self. The old rules of conformity or having to wear a certain look are completely out the window.


This generation has the amazing opportunity of having a choice to wear what we please. People now are able to have a voice through their style.


Even larger known stores such as Zara have started to add gender fluid garments to their shelves. Another well-known retailer, H&M, has also launched a unisex collection earlier in the year.


Many hope that these type of fashion statements trigger conversation nationally. No longer is there a ‘norm’ of what someone as to wear. Fashion is about being you and wearing what makes you feel like your true self. The time is now for people to stop trying to conform to a specific way in society and be the person they rightfully are.

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