Pleasant to wear and elegant, the midi skirt is one of the key pieces of this year’s fashion. Depending on the style, the fabric and the color, it is an outfit that is worn from morning to night and from our professional obligations in the night out.

The midi skirt is the “salvation” part of our wardrobe all year round, since it has the length for all hours of the day and for every occasion. It suits almost all women and creates very elegant looks in a thousand ways. After all, the options on the market are endless for all tastes and styles. In addition, is the trendiest length!

Here are ideas and options for inspiration.

The midi skirt may not claim… revolution, such as the mini, not even a luxury like the maxi, but it is much easier to use.

Easy to Wear And Elegant….

So, what started as the bold (for the season), loose dress of the ’20s developed into the pencil feminine skirt of the’ 40s, the full skirts of the ’50s, and reached its perfect version with the plaid midi skirts with pleats deified between the ’70s and’ 80s.

After a temporary absence, with some flashes in between, the midi skirt this year takes the scepter and emerges hotter than ever.

The basic principles of elegance with a midi skirt.

The first and main principle is balance!

What does this mean in practice? That you need to balance the lengths and volumes of the rest of your clothes and in your shoes.

For example, if you wear an overcoat (for a colder night), choose a short one and in a straight or midline to flatter your silhouette. Forget long or wide jackets, unless it is an overcoat, e.g. gabardine, reaching the same length as the skirt. Otherwise, the image will be destroyed.

Chic…Classy…. Vibrant,

What about shoes?

With shoes, it is primarily a matter of taste, a midi skirt can be combined with flats, sportswear, platforms (depending on the style of the skirt itself), but definitely her high heels fit better. They give “air” to your appearance and lengthen the calf.

Another smart move is to choose neutral colors in your shoes, something that suits tiny, normal and tall women.

The length

Although the length of the midi skirt is convenient, it is a little lengthy for slender women. If you belong to this category, prefer a midi skirt with a length just below the knee (and not up to the middle of the calf or a little longer) and in addition turn to a monochrome look, the top, the skirt and the shoes to have the same color so that the lengths are not “cut”. Or in neutral colors, including white and black.

Works With Layering…

It is better to wear your blouse or shirt through the skirt and not on top, whether the skirt is wide, pencil, or A-line. Again it is a matter of balance!

Designers love to rediscover the creative possibilities of clothing and stylish women around the world are not fed up with experimenting with its countless combinations.

Comfortable, feminine and easy to wear, the midi skirt stands out as the key piece of the season, while it is transformed from morning to evening with the addition of accessories.

It can be worn with a shirt or a jacket for a perfect look in our professional obligations, with a white T-shirt and sneakers for a fashionable but sporty look, with a medium or oversized jacket at low temperatures that require layering, with a soft knitted sweater or sweatshirt (adopting athleisure trend) or even over fabric pants for bolder results.

Perfect ways to wear it, classic and in the spirit of fashion:

Midi skirt and jacket

Many stylists claim that no look is complete without a coat and this look confirms them. A wide man’s jacket ideally balances the femininity of the skirt and gives a more “strict” tone to the appearance.

Tip: For an even more up-to-date style, try combining original prints.

Adds Feminine touch…..

Midi skirt and white shirt or blouse

The most casual and safe way to wear the midi skirt is with a white T-shirt (preferably men’s type of contrast) and sneakers or loafers.

The white shirt is an ideal choice, especially if the skirt has a bright color or patterns. You will definitely never go wrong!

Midi skirt and sweater or sweatshirt

It’s not the most obvious way to wear it, but it is definitely the freshest. Combine the skirt with a soft hooded sweatshirt or a luxurious knit and heeled boots, for a cozy and stylish everyday outfit.

This year’s midi skirt becomes even more impressive if you choose leather and satin, while pleats and asymmetrical lines are very fashionable. Perfect with boots!

Play with textures

Combining e.g. leather with lace. If you want something bright, then the best way is to choose original prints. Use them wisely! This summer, florals and plaids have the first say!

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