There is an Alife and Crocs Collaboration Coming Soon

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The Crocs brand is teaming up with Rob Cristofaro, founder of Alife to bring you a high-fashion version of the well known schismatic shoe, and this time there will be attached socks.

According to a 2018 GQ report, The Alife x Crocs collection features three distinct styles—Art, Sport, and Classic—and each one is more delightfully outlandish than the last. The most attention-grabbing and priciest style of the bunch is the Art model, which features removable 3D-printed Jibbitz (that’s the Crocs-speak for knickknacks) of some of New York City’s most iconic landmarks, like the Brooklyn Bridge and the Empire State Building. It’ll cost you $600, which is a lot of cash for a pair of clogs. (On the bright side: It’s at least cheaper than the Balenciaga Crocs that sold for closer to $1,000.)

This will hopefully be the beginning of the Alife brand’s comeback.

According to a 2018 Women’s Wear Daily report, Alife, which is now almost 20 years old, was originally founded as an artist collective and multibrand retail space by Cristofaro, Arnaud Delecolle, Tony Arcabascio and Tammy Brainard — Hill joined the team later… For the past couple of years, Alife — one of the original downtown streetwear brands that were founded when the term streetwear didn’t exist — has released a few things here and there, but Cristofaro and Hill have been mostly quiet and focused on cleaning up Alife’s global distribution and preparing for a true relaunch, which begins with an unlikely product collaboration with Crocs.

If you are hoping to become part of the latest ugly shoe trend you must act fast because these will be extremely limited.

According to a 2018 Teen Vogue report, There are only 100 pairs available each for the “art” and “sport” styles, with the “classic” style stocked at only 300 pairs. Although WWD reports that the shoes will only be available for sale at Alife’s New York shop, a 2018 GQ report states that you can buy them from the brand’s website as well.

The collection will be available for purchase on June 14th online and at the New York City Alife store.

“The partnership with Crocs is our reintroduction to the game,” said Cristofaro in a 2018 Women’s Wear Daily report. “When we began the conversation, nobody wanted to touch the Croc. People thought I was bugging, but whether you love them or hate them, Crocs are an iconic piece of footwear and they sell.”

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