There’s a T-Shirt of Congresswoman Maxine Waters

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Congresswoman Maxine Waters has recently made headlines for her criticisms toward the Trump administration’s zero tolerance immigration policies. At an immigration rally in Los Angeles, the California Democrat said “How dare you? How dare you take babies from their mothers’ arms? How dare you take the children and send them all across the country to so-called detention centers?”

Congresswoman Waters has, for a long time, been a vocal critic of the president and his cabinet, particularly in regard to their stance on immigration. Recently, after the Sarah Sanders was asked to leave a restaurant, the Congresswoman made a public statement saying that people should confront administration officials in public as a form of demonstration.

These statements have received criticism from colleagues, both Democrat and Republican. But most notably, this has put her at odds with the president, who accuses her of inciting violence against members of the administration. However, Congresswoman Waters has expressed that she was not calling for violence.

In the wake of these events, the congresswoman has been on the receiving end of numerous threats against her life, which has caused her to even cancel two rallies in Alabama and Texas. But, even under such conditions, she has refused to stay silent.

Willy Chavarria's Maxine Waters Tee

Mexican-American designer Willie Chavarria has recently paid tribute to Waters in his new collection. At Men’s Fashion Week in New York, the designer debuted a T-Shirt with a portrait of Waters and the word “Fighter” written across. The designer speaks of the importance behind the congresswoman’s image, stating “[Maxine Waters] inspires me not to take s***t from anyone.”

Chavarria is just one of many designers using their platforms as a form of political expression. Similar efforts have also been made by people across many arts and disciplines. All things considered, expressing a political opinion is often what art does best.

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    • Corrada Spatola

      It is rare that I see political figures being idolized by the young community. I think this is a fun and respectful way to show political expression.

    • Leonardo Andrés López Carreño

      I like seeing that people are not taking Waters’ contributions for granted.

    • Dwee1

      Maxine Waters has no shortage of spunk. She is a no-nonsense person who advocates for what she sees is right in spite of threats on her life!

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