THRILLER! Setting the Stage for Zombies Everywhere!

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Happy Halloween beauty fans! Today, instead of strictly talking makeup we are going to take a little stroll down memory lane this Halloween, so grab your favorite drink, settle in, and let’s talk zombies!
Halloween is synonymous with Michael Jackson’s song Thriller. You can’t turn on a television or a radio during the month of October without hearing this cult classic! This song and music video is so iconic because it not only thrust Zombies more fully into mainstream television and film, it also helped to set the standards for future music videos in the industry, and also helped to create more attention for Special FX makeup.

In November 1982, when Thriller came out there were only a few movies pertaining to zombies: Night of the Living Dead, Evil Dead, and Dawn of the Dead. There wasn’t a big market for these little gory creatures that we have all come to be obsessed with over the years. After Thriller made its debut, that all changed. There is now a cult following for zombies; the bloodier the better! Now we have television shows such as The Walking Dead, iZombie, and movies like World War Z, Warm Blooded, and 28 Days Later. We even have a little comedic action thrown in with movies such as Shaun of the Dead and Zombieland.

Prior to Thriller’s entrance onto the music video scene, music videos were short, didn’t have any acting, just lip syncing and dancing. Thriller went above and beyond, taking the novelty of the music video and turning it into a mini film, and as a result, his album garnered more revenue than any other music album in history! Jackson’s video blazed a trail in the music industry for extravagant music videos, making it a requirement for any artist who wanted to gain a top stop on the charts. In addition due to the popularity of this video, SFX makeup gained a ton of exposure and to this day people have whole YouTube channels dedicated to SFX makeup. The king of Pop has turned into the King of Zombies!

From its arrival on the music scene almost 30 years ago, billions of people have recreated this iconic dance. From small groups ranging from 20-50 people, to groups as large as 13,000! I have had the pleasure of doing zombie makeup for some of the members of the Fox Dance Studio in Redlands, CA. They have been doing a Thriller flash mob a few days before Halloween at market night in downtown Redlands for the past 3 years. When asked what Thriller means to her, the CEO of Fox Dance Studio Raquel Uriquizu stated that “Thriller is iconic Halloween pop culture. I’m a huge MJ fan and it’s so awesome to share that with the community.” We couldn’t agree more! Halloween would not be Halloween without Thriller. If you are local and want to get in on the Thriller flash mob action contact the studio at (909) 335-5959.

To see a video of the Thriller Flash Mob please visit:

Zombies have become such an iconic staple in the horror genre, it’s hard to imagine a time without them! Have a happy and safe Halloween everyone, and beware of the Thriller!

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