Times When Hibernation and “Lazy Days” are Necessary

Unlike some people may claim, there are plenty of times when hibernation and doing absolutely nothing is completely okay and even necessary. In this era, people are constantly on the move, never wanting to take a breather -not only from work but from being active or having “fun.”

Craving adventure is great and going after that desire and crossing things off a list are at times the most exhilarating feelings -but are we asking too much of ourselves? Are we overindulging in our endeavors? When you have the opportunity to take a short break from work you do or plan to -this not only takes some weight off your shoulders but may keep you from hating your job. So, why not occasionally take a break from having to plan something for Friday nights, weekends, summer breaks or days off?

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Our top editors give you the stories, recommendations and honest reviews you need and want - delivered right to your inbox.

Today’s society is not only constantly publicizing their every move, but expects that living life to the fullest means filling almost every waken hour with a venture. While there is nothing wrong with doing what makes you happy, perhaps what may sometimes make you happy is having a “lazy day” and doing absolutely nothing. No guilt should be involved in regrouping and there are certain circumstances when a day of that is truly indispensable, the following are some of those occasions:

via flickr/ethanhickerson
via flickr/ethanhickerson

After a breakup.
You will have friends who try to convince you that you need to go out and have a blast in order to begin the process of forgetting your ex or taking your mind off of him. Perhaps this will do you some good but also you may want time at home for just yourself. Hey, thats just fine. You don’t need to go out to drink, party or find a hot guy to talk to just so you can get back to your single life. People joke about the sadness of a bucket of ice-cream, pjs and a load of flicks after a breakup but its great medicine and often called for during these times.

During and after finals.
Anyone who has ever gone through the pain of midterms and -most dreadfully- finals week knows how draining the time is. Hours and days of studying, cramming, reading and memorizing and trying to make complete logic of the things you’ve learned thus far is stressful. Planning a bunch of activities for right in the beginning of your break may not be the best idea. Instead, consider actual sleep and rest, this will energize you to be able to do all those things later during the break.

via flickr/JSmith Photo
via flickr/JSmith Photo

After moving.
People may enjoy getting a fresh new start in a new location and place, but the actual moving experience -packing, physically moving everything you own and then unpacking- is hardly ever enjoyable. During this move or immediately after a move is not the always the best moments to plan a getaway, take on an extraneous new hobby or party hard. Focus on taking in the new environment, enjoying it and maybe even developing ideas for your surroundings and making it a home.

After a vacation.
There are vacations that take a lot of energy from you. Sometimes you get back home needing a vacation from your vacation. Sure you may have to get back to work, but think of all the things you have already done and experienced during your trip – taking nights and the next weekend off from eating out, socializing or going hiking may be the perfect cure for jet lag or car lag.

via flickr/kooklanekookla
via flickr/kooklanekookla

After a long work week.
Most people experience long work weeks -when you want to get away from anything and everything having to do with your job. The comment that usually follows the statement of the long work week -or day for that matter – is the need to go out for a drink or go for a run. While these activities may be fun or even physically healthy, your couch and some takeout is also the right answer.

Because you just want to.
Sometimes a lazy day requires no reasoning or need for explanation.


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