Dying Your Hair_StyleFTDying Your Hair_StyleFT

Dying hair is so much fun! You can dye it a shade or two lighter, you can put some natural-looking highlights in for added texture, or you can buy some Manic Panic and dye your whole head purple! For many people, the most exciting hair change requires some pretty harsh color stripping of your natural hair. Aside from a straw-like bird’s nest of dried out hair you also have split ends, and dehydrated, brittle strands that feel like they’re going to fall out with a simple brush.

A great solution to this problem is deep conditioning. There are many conditioners that are made for damaged hair, but try this: after you’ve finished washing your hair, try leaving a dime size portion of conditioner in your hair, or buying leave-in spray conditioners for more of that much needed moisture. Conditioning alone, however, will not fix your hair. It’s also extremely important to keep yourself up to date on hair trims. The only way to ensure that your hair is healthy is by visiting your stylist every 6 to 8 weeks. A simple trim to keep the split ends off of your head is crucial in repairing dead hair. Keep in mind that heat also adds damaging effects as well. For blowdrying, curling and flat ironing, try to adjust the settings to low heat, giving your hair a better shine, with more body and bounce in your hair too!

Other things you can add to condition your hair include avocado, eggs, mayonnaise, and even yogurt! If you’re not feeling this adventurous, hair oils, like Keratin, work just as well. Which ever way you choose, the best way to keep your hair looking sexy, is to make sure it is as healthy as possible!

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