Photo: Courtesy of Tom Ford

“Who doesn’t want to be a badass?” Tom Ford is back on the runway, and his runway collaboration was nothing short of spectacular. 

These are thoughts in Tom Ford’s mind when he designed this fall 2021 collection. It is his knack for understanding the mood that people are in every year that has led to his sustained success in the fashion industry. Not only as Tom Ford, the designer but also as the chairperson of the CFDA. 

Established in 2006, his brand is still producing coveted items in 2021, from shoes, such as the popular padlock heel, to his legendary fragrances, like the Black Orchid and Soleil Blanc. Which everyone who buys one will tell you are extremely overpriced, but so worth it at the same time.

The victories he had at Gucci from 1994 until 2004 follow his brand’s success, and at Yves Saint Laurent from 1999 to 2004, as creative director.

Because of the pandemic, Tom feels people will want to feel sexy again, even if they are in loungewear, or in clothing that is as reminiscent of the comfort that comes with loungewear.

tom ford 2021 ready to wear
Photo: Courtesy of Tom Ford

Inspired by a lingerie advert that he saw on television when he was younger, he incorporated a lot of lingerie elements into his garments- to give them that sexy feeling. While also making the hot pants that were paired with oversized bomber jackets super short. No, literally. If you are not as flat as an ironing board, they will not cover your bum at all.

Moving away from his tailored style to deconstruct luxury was hugely influenced by the pandemic. With some of this season’s blouses being seen through, made with lace and mesh material. But still trendy with the puffy sleeves, which have been popular for the past year. Paired with tie-dyed jeans and heels to give a more casual, but still glam look.

tom ford fall ready to wear 2021
Photo: Courtesy of Tom Ford

Even his dresses that cover the body from the neck to the ankles, were given a sexy feeling, with bits of lace embroidered with swirl patterns. 

Men’s looks were included in this fall. Mainly comprising loungewear such as hoodies, but also a lot of suits, in velvet, florals and even leather. With puffer jackets paired with most of the loungewear looks.

For women and men, Tom Ford included his underwear line, which is simple in black, except with the Tom Ford logo in the front. 

Most of the collection was black, especially for the women’s collection. Autumn colors, such as brown, were used too. Although it was rare, Tom created some garments in color, such as the short purple dress that had ruffles on the neck. And his tights used in styling the looks were pink. An understated yet gorgeous part of this collection were the shoes, which were also very colorful. 

tom ford fall ready to wear 2021
Photo: Courtesy of Tom Ford

The women’s collection came with beautiful pumps with a delicate bow on top. Another stand out piece was the animal print blazer, made in velvet, with a single button to sync in the waist, if one chooses to.

The men’s range had a lot more versatility, not only in textures, but also in the practical fall/winter pieces available. There was an actual range, with robes included in some of the loungewear looks.

In classic Tom Ford style, he captured what people want emotionally and mentally right now, and translated that right onto his garments.

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