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Sunglasses are a pertinent part of life. From long, early morning car rides to bright afternoons outside; you need stylish shades to shield your precious eyes from the light. While sunglasses actually do help you see, they also make you look good (celebrity-like in fact), so why not stock up on the hottest sunglasses you can find? Luckily Tom Ford has got you covered in the department.

via Bloomingdales

Pair these eccentric infinity-sign-esque sunglasses with just about any ensemble. The black to clear ombre effect makes them unique and stylish. These black oversized shades will match virtually anything (as black usually does), so slip them on every single day if you want to. They’re versatile; you can wear them to work, to breakfast or out on a walk. Throw on on these shades with your tight black V-neck, fur vest and black jeans, and you’re ready for you close up. These classy, eye-catching glasses will accompany to any and every outdoor activity you can think of (and they’ll make you look good the entire tim

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