The Break-up: 11 ways To Get Over Him!


1. Watch this  flash mob video: Honestly one of the most beautiful ones I’ve ever seen; inspiring and will remind you of how big the world is. However in your state I suggest you bring your tissues because Beethoven’s Ninth symphony can be a tearjerker.

2. Take a shower: You’ve probably spent the day (or week) wallowing in bed, with a bowl of Kraft Mac and Cheese on your night stand, listening to “White Horse” by Taylor Swift on repeat.. Get yourself out of bed and wash the greasiness off your body. Use your favorite Aqua Mirabilis Lush Body Butter for a treat.

3. Take care of your hair: Because it’s time for revenge by looking like you just stepped off the runway with hair as flawless as a Victoria’s Secret Angel.

4. Listen to “Flawless” by Beyoncé: Just listen to the whole album.

5. Get some exercise: I know, Ben and Jerry sound like reliable companions right now, but in the end they won’t help you feel any better. Your body needs some natural happiness and cookie dough isn’t going to cut it.

6. Go shopping! Buy something for yourself: Take this opportunity to treat yourself! By this I mean buy some new shoes that would make Ryan Gosling’s head spin.

7. Get some work done: Remember “Independent Woman”? Well now that’s what you are so go earn some diamonds.

8. Don’t hide out forever: You will relapse. There will be a night when you start the inevitable Facebook creeping and find that your ex has been spending time with…them? Really? Anyway, you’ll break out the Mac and Cheese and Cherry Garcia, but don’t stay buried forever. It’s okay to grieve, just remember you have friends and family who love you, and it’s always the ex’s loss.

9. Don’t go on Facebook – Stay away from Facebook, especially if you usually connect with him on Facebook. Being on Facebook only reminds you more of him and ruins your mood. This is the time to have family time and or connect with friends face to face.

10. Take a chill pill, ok just kidding. Take a shot!  Take a read at Buzzfeed’s 13 Vodka Shots You’ll Actually Want To Take – Try one or two and see how you feel.

11. Go out – Yes go out, don’t sit at home crying or thinking of the past. Hang out with your girls, or friends and enjoy your time with them. This will take your mind off of him.

How did you get over a break-up? How long did it take you? What was your toughest times? What works better for you? Share your break-up “ways to get over him” with us on the comment below.

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