The serums , we hear a lot about in recent years. It has appeared in all ranges of cosmetic brands’ skincare products, and its virtues are constantly praised . But first of all, what is a serum? How to choose it well and how to use it well?

What are serums?

A serum is a highly concentrated skincare product that is capable of targeting a specific skin need : anti-aging, thirst-quenching, nourishing or regenerating. There are several types and several textures. Serum is often a more liquid fluid than a cream. It is full of effective active ingredients diluted in an aqueous or oily base . While it can complement a skincare routine for more efficiency, it does not replace a moisturizer .

Serums For Flawless Skin

According to a well-known Japanese skincare layering technique, layering , the serum is applied to bare skin, previously cleansed, before applying its daily moisturizer.

In this wide selection of products, you can easily get lost. Here are some tips to target your needs and choose the most suitable serums for your skin.

We have gathered 10 top serum selections from the companies we trust.

1) Eva Belle Serum, Intensive Face & Neck Rejuvenation Serum with Hyaluronic Acid, 50ml

Eva Belle Serum


Antioxidant serum for intensive face & neck regeneration. With soy isoflavones, collagen, hyaluronic acid, vitamins E. & C.

2)Advanced Night Repair Global Anti-Aging Serum by Estée Lauder

Estée Lauder Serum


Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Repair Complex II from Estée Lauder is a flagship serum that boosts cell renewal to provide soft and luminous skin. It helps the epidermis defend itself against the signs of aging.

3)Hydrabio Hydrating Serum Concentrate of Bioderma


Bioderma Hydrabio Concentrate


The Concentrated Hydrabio Hydrating Serum by Bioderma is a concentrated hydrating serum for the face, with an ultra-fresh melting texture. The skin is smoothed, refreshed, wrinkled.

4) Mineral 89 Fortifying and Plumping Daily Booster from Vichy

Vichy Mineral 89


Mineral 89 Vichy Fortifying and Plumping Daily Booster is a face serum that provides a shot of hydration and hyaluronic acid to smooth and plump the skin. It helps the epidermis fight against oxidative stress, pollution and external aggressions. Its gentle formula is suitable for all skin types.

5) La Roche Posay Hyalu B5 serum

La Roche Posay Serum


La Roche Posay Hyalu B5 serum 30ml is ideal for sensitive skin, as it contains 5% Vitamin B5 (panthenol) and 0.3% Madecassioside, a derivative of Centella Asiatica. These ingredients help repair skin blemishes that are often damaged on these skin types. It also contains the spring of La Roche Posay soothing and antioxidant.

6) 4) Vichy Liftactiv Anti-oxidant and Anti-Fatigue Fresh Shot Anti-Aging / Anti-oxidant Serum Face 10ml

Vichy Serum


Vichy presents the ultimate antioxidant concentrate – antidote against tired skin, with 15% pure vitamin C. Its composition contains a strong combination of selected active ingredients, such as pure vitamin C + vitamin E, polyphenols of sea pine and hyaluronic acid fractions.

7) Caudalie Premier Cru Le Serum

Caudalie Premier Cru Le Serum


Caudalie serum thanks to the Vinergy complex, it instantly rejuvenates the skin and pleasantly recharges it.
It accelerates the energy of the skin and enhances its effectiveness.

8) Panthenol Extra Face and Eye Serum, Anti-Wrinkle Serum 30ml


Panthenol Serum


The anti-wrinkle serum Panthenol Extra Face & Eye Serum treats existing wrinkles, slows down the appearance of new ones and improves the appearance of the skin, increasing its radiance and firmness. In a light yet highly active composition contains.

9) Patyka Absolute Oil


Patyka Absolute Oil


All the ingredients and oils that make up the Absolute Oil are exclusively natural and vegetable, for healthier skin and hair, free from chemical residues. Patyka is committed to organic cosmetics, more respectful of the skin through Absolute Oil.

10) Seasonly Imperfections Serum


Seasonly Imperfections Serum


A 95% natural anti-blemish serum that purifies the skin, diminishes the appearance of blemishes and smooths skin texture day after day. It also helps prevent the appearance of new blemishes.

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